Last updated on August 2nd, 2017

The podcast_playlist shortcode can be used to display a playlist of podcast episodes anywhere on your site. You can specify which episodes you would like to display, what order you would you like them to be displayed, and a number of other options to enhance your playlist output.


A comma-separated list of post IDs that you would like to display. You can find the post ID in the URL of the page on which you are editing the post:

Post ID example

In this URL, the post ID is 95

The slug of the series from which you would like to display episodes – this will ensure that only episodes from this series are shown in the playlist, even you specify other ones using the episodes argument above.

The order in which the episodes should be listed – the allowed values here are ASC (default) or DESC.

The criteria with which you would like to order the episodes – can be any of the orderby parameters allowed in the WP_Query class. Defaults to menu_order ID or the order in which you specify episode IDs.

This must either be audio (default) or video and it will affect the way in which your playlist is displayed. You only need to specify this if you are creating a video playlist and all of the episodes are videos.

A comma-separated list of episode IDs that you do not want to be displayed in the playlist. This is useful if you have selected a series playlist to display, but would like to hide individual episodes from it.

Accepted values are light (default) or dark – these are style options that WordPress’ built-in media player offers.

Accepted values are true (default) or false – this will determine whether the track list will be shown below the currently playing episode in the playlist.

Accepted values are true (default) or false – this will determine whether or not the playlist will display the track number alongside each episode in the track list.

Accepted values are true (default) or false – this will determine whether or not to display the episode’s featured image alongside the title and media player while the episode is playing.

# of Most Recent Episodes

With v1.17 we introduced a parameter to limit the # of most recent episodes displayed in the playlist.  Simply set the number of episodes you want to display in thelimit="#" field.

Usage Example

Display a playlist of individually selected episodes with the track numbers hidden:

Display a playlist of episodes from a selected series with the dark style media player:

Display only the most recent 4 episodes from a particular series:

If you leave out the episodes and series arguments, then your playlist will display all of the podcast episodes from your site: