Premium Podcasting

Give your listeners access to premium content with a platform that puts you in control.

Using Castos Premium Podcasting features you can create unique podcast content and control how listeners access it. Create paid podcast subscriptions, sell audio courses, or add value to current offerings. Easily connect to other platforms and control how you get paid.

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Here are just a few Ways to Use Premium Podcasting:

Courses & Classes

Deliver audio courses and classes as a part of your existing content or as additional offerings.

Membership Sites

Want to drive signups on your membership site? Provide exclusive podcast content for members only.


Sell audiobooks and control how you get paid for them without going through a third-party platform.

Exclusive Content

Make money from your podcast with listener support by offering paid podcast subscriptions.

How Does Premium Podcasting Work?

Castos’ Premium Podcasting works much the same as regular podcasting technology, but instead of making your content publicly available on listening platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, you can control who gets access to it and how.

When a new subscriber is added to your premium podcast, they’ll automatically receive an email prompting them to download the Castos Mobile app and begin listening immediately, or, add a unique and private RSS feed to listen on their preferred application.

Record Your Premium Content

Whether it’s an extra episode each month, ad-free episodes, or just a special series, you have full control over what is publicly available and what is members-only content.

Create A Premium Podcast in Castos

All Castos plans include access to premium podcasting at no additional cost. In your account, simply create a new podcast and set it to private under the distribution settings.

Choose How Premium Members Get Access

Castos makes it easy to share your premium podcast content by giving you the ability to automatically add new members. Using our automations engine you can connect to tools like Stripe, ConvertKit, Paid Memberships Pro, Memberspace, and more.

If you decide to create paid Premium Podcast offerings, Castos doesn’t charge anything extra and lets you choose exactly how you get paid.

Premium members enjoy your awesome content

In just a few clicks, premium members can access your content on the Castos Mobile App or their listening application of choice.

Monetize Your Podcast with a Platform You Control.

Castos gives you full control to decide who gets access to your subscription podcast content and how you get paid.