Exclusive Content for your Premium Subscribers

You want to reward your most loyal subscribers with premium, members-only content, right? But it’s tough to figure out a way to set up a membership style site just for your podcast.

With Castos you can create unique podcast content that is available only to your premium subscribers. Whether they’re paid or free, these Premium Subscribers get access to your extra episodes, special reports, and other bonus materials that you want to create just for them.

Who is Premium Podcasting for?

Premium Podcasting can be broken down into a few buckets, but the main theme for all of them is that it is designed to give you control of who has access to different content in your podcast. 

Here are just a few examples of great use cases for Premium Podcasting:


Membership Sites

Corporate Podcasts

Monetizing Your Show

How Does It Work?

Castos’ Premium Podcasting works much the same as regular podcasting technology, via RSS feeds.  But instead of your standard RSS feed, which is meant to be public and accessible by everyone, Premium Podcasting is specific to each subscriber of your show.  

We create a unique RSS feed for each of your Premium Subscribers, and just for your podcast’s premium content. With one-click subscribe to many of the major podcasting apps it makes adding your Premium podcast content to their podcast app of choice a breeze.

Here’s a peek at how the process works.

Set up your Premium membership structure

Choose between free and paid memberships. Most people opt for a $5 – 10 monthly subscription charge for their premium content.

Record your Premium Content

Whether it’s an extra episode each month, ad-free episodes, or just a special series, you have full control over what is publicly available and what is members-only content.

Share your Premium content with your audience

Whether it’s a free membership or paid monthly your audience members can sign up for your Premium podcast content in just a click of a button.

Premium members enjoy your awesome content

With just a click of a button your audience can subscribe and add your premium content to their podcast app of choice.

How To Get Started

Maybe the best part of Premium Podcasting with Castos is that it’s entirely free to all of our customers.  You can run a free membership style podcast without any additional costs. 

If you want to charge a subscription fee for your premium content then we retain twenty percent (20%) of each paid subscriber’s monthly fee. So for each $5 subscription you keep $4!

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