Podcast Analytics Done Right

Podcast Analytics can be tough to understand and for some it misses the mark in terms of attributing listeners to our shows.

With any form of content, one of the important things is being able to accurately measure how your audience is connecting with your message.

In podcasting, we do this through Podcast Analytics platforms, and in Castos there are a plethora of resources in your analytics dashboard to learn more about your audience.

In your Castos podcast analytics dashboard you’ll get:

  • Listenership information by episode
  • Interactive geographic distribution map
  • Audience insights by device type, podcasting app, operating system, and browser
  • Spotify analytics

and coming soon we’re adding:

  • Downloadable, customizable analytics reports for your sponsors
  • Subscriber count to see how large your core audience is
  • Playback duration so you can see how long listeners are staying with each episode for web based streaming