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Meet Castos.

If you’ve been using Soundcloud in the past but are frustrated by their lack of true podcasting features, or are a bit uncertain as to the future of the platform them you’re in the right place.  Castos is a suite of tools designed specifically to make running your podcast a real pleasure and is a Soundcloud alternative worth checking out.

If your podcast website is on WordPress our core, free WordPress plugin allows you to manage your podcast RSS feed and content right inside your WordPress dashboard, without having to rely on any external platforms or dashboards.

If not, or you’d prefer to base all of your podcast related content on a dedicated podcasting platform, then Castos has you covered.  Inside Castsos your podcast files will be stored in a secure, CDN backed hosting platform that is designed specifically to work for your website and your podcast.

Considering moving away from SoundCloud?  Here’s a few things that set Castos apart from Soundcloud:

iTunes Specific Podcast Feed Categories

Did you know that iTunes allows you to select 3 separate categories in which your podcast can appear?  These are hands down the best way you can let people find your show, and join your audience.

The recognized best practice when it comes to iTunes SEO and discoverability is to have your podcast listed in three separate Parent and Child categories.  This gives your podcast the broadest possible reach, and lets more people find your podcast.

Here’s a snapshot of what the category selections look like inside the Seriously Simple Podcasting dashboard on your WordPress site.

Listing your podcast in 3 separate parent and child categories in iTunes gives you 3 times the amount of reach, and increases the likeliness that someone will find your show.

Easily Link to Your Media Files

With Seriously Simple Podcasting, and our integrated media hosting platform, Seriously Simple Hosting, you have easy access to the links to your actual media files.  No searching around hard to find places to find a link to your podcast episode.

With each podcast episode being published right from your WordPress post editor the media file URL for each episode is clearly displayed for you after it’s uploaded to Seriously Simple Hosting.

From there you can either copy the URL and share it with a friend, embed it on your site, or sent it in an email.

Integrated Podcast Hosting

If you’re tired of the back-and-forth of managing multiple platforms, and the task of synchronizing the release of each of your podcast episodes then our integrated solutions are a welcome change.

Castos podcast hosting allows you to upload your podcast media file right from within the WordPress post editor, and continue writing and editing your episode’s show notes as your file is uploading.  Absolutely zero time wasted waiting for your file to upload before you can continue with the creation of your episode’s post.

Unlimited Episodes

We’re big podcasters around here, and firmly believe that there should be no limits set on the # of episodes you can publish in a month.  That’s why with Castos you’re free to publish as many episodes as you want, without having to pay extra for your podcast media hosting plan every month.  Just one price.  Set it and forget it.

Add to that the ability with the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin to create separate shows as Series on your WordPress site, and you’ve got the making of some seriously powerful podcasting potential.

Schedule Episodes to Publish Later

If you’re like us you love the ability to prepare your content well ahead of time, and publish it when it best suits you and your audience.  For many of us this means that we want to schedule a podcast episode to publish at some point in the future.

Seriously Simple Podcasting utilizes the power of WordPress as the premier Content Management System, and things like Scheduling a post for later release is built in automatically.  There’s never any having to remember to go back and publish that post you saved earlier.  Just schedule the date and time you want your episode to go live, and that’s it.

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