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Meet Castos, a Powerful PodBean Alternative!

Whether you’re new to podcasting and looking for your first podcast host or frustrated with your PodBean experience, we’d like to take a moment to explain why we think Castos is the best PodBean alternative. 

What is Castos? It’s a suite of podcast tools that make podcasting simple and pain-free. We store your podcast files in a secure, CDN backed hosting platform. If your podcast website runs on WordPress, you can manage your podcast RSS feed and content right inside your WordPress dashboard. No external dashboards required!

Are you considering leaving PodBean? We think it’s a great tool, but we think we do things a bit better. Here’s what makes Castos the best PodBean alternative.

Easy-to-Use WordPress Podcast Plugin

With our WordPress podcast plugin – Seriously Simple Podcasting – you can upload and publish a podcast episode to Castos right through your WordPress dashboard (including your podcast-specific RSS feed). This method creates a post on your blog with a beautiful podcast player. You can add show notes to the page as well.

PodBean alternative: Create new episodes

PodBean’s workflow is more complex. If you decide to use PodBean, you’ll have to upload each episode to their platform, find the episode’s URL, and then embed it manually on a new WordPress page. Frankly, this is too unnecessary steps. You should spend your time creating great content, not copying and pasting code.

Check out this video that describes all the great features that come packaged in our WordPress plugin.

Audio Transcription Feature

Like many podcasters, you probably want a word-for-word account for each episode to publish with your podcast player. This is a great way to maximize the SEO impact of your pages and improve accessibility.

Sadly, there’s no easy way to transcribe your audio files with PodBean. You’ll have to pay an expensive transcriptionist to manually listen and type out each episode. That gets pricey, even if you hire from overseas. 

Castos has the answer! We’ve partnered with the industry leading text-to-voice technology provider to offer an entirely seamless transcription service that’s available to all of our customers. Billing is simple and affordable. You can even download PDF versions to give to your email subscribers. 

Simple Full-Feature Pricing

We believe in simple podcast pricing. It shouldn’t be hard to understand what you get when you purchase Castos. That’s why our three pricing tiers come with most of our features. The only exceptions are the video tools – YouTube republishing and video podcast hosting. 

Simple pricing

PodBean’s pricing is fairly complex. You’ll have to study their pricing table to make sure you’re signing up for all the features you need. Furthermore, you don’t get all the desirable features without purchasing the $99/month plan. For instance, you’ll need to pay $99/month to get multiple podcast channels, but that comes standard with Castos. 

Intrinsic SEO Value

Castos creates your podcast RSS feed URL on your own domain. When you submit your RSS link to podcast directors and podcatchers, those sites effectively link to you. This creates positive SEO value that ultimately helps your website rank better on Google’s search results. Imagine getting dozens (or hundreds!) of links from sites like Apple, Google Play, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Other podcast hosts (like PodBean) don’t do this for you. They create an RSS feed URL using their own domain. They might use your account name as a folder or sub domain in the URL, but that doesn’t help your podcast website rank.

Beautiful and Modern Podcast Player

Your visitors expect a modern, responsive, and fast-loading podcast player. They want to see something that adheres to modern web design standards; something that marries design and function. 

That’s exactly what you get to the Castos podcast player. Our minimal player is easy to use and it looks great on any website. It automatically appears on any page you create through using our WordPress plugin (Seriously Simple Podcasting). You can also embed it manually anywhere that accepts HTML. 

PodBean alternative: Modern audio player

One Click Importing of all Your Podcast Content

If you decide that Castos is the right PodBean alternative for you, migrating your content is fast and simple. All you have to do is enter your external podcast feed URL into the import section of Seriously Simple Podcasting and click “Begin Import Now.” 

PodBean alternative: One click importing

Once the import is complete, check the box labeled “Import your podcast content to your Castos hosting account” and click “Trigger Import.” This will put your entire podcast on Castos. Migrating is that simple!

White Glove Support

The complaints against PodBean’s customer support are well documented. There’s no easy way to contact their team if you need help beyond their documentation. If you do get a hold of anyone, they often reside outside of the United States, which makes communication challenging. 

Plus, many users suspect PodBean prioritizes higher paying customers. Some users report that it takes months for technicians to respond to their questions and complaints.

At Castos, we’ve built a robust documentation site to answer your questions right away. If we haven’t answered your question in our documentation, just click our contact link and fill out the short form. 

PodBean alternative: White glove support

If you have a problem with any of our features, we’re always happy to walk you through it or make changes to your account on our end. We promise to do whatever we can to make your podcasting experience hassle-free.

Ready for Your PodBean Alternative?

If you’re ready to move your podcast to the best PodBean alternative that’s built specifically for podcasting, give Castos a try today. Our no-charge 14-day trial gives the entire platform a test drive to see if it’s right for you.

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