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Maybe you’ve been there a while or just are looking for a Libsyn alternative then you’re in the right place to check out how Castos is different.

To be fair we have nothing but love for Libsyn…in many ways they have pioneered the podcasting world and brought us all so much great content through the years.  But here at Castos we like to think we do a few things just a bit differently, and that may make it a good fit for you.

Here are a few ways in which Castos may be a good Libsyn alternative for you.

Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress Plugin

If your podcast website is on WordPress then we’ve made it insanely easy for you to create and manage your podcast content right from your WordPress dashboard.  Our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin gives you all the control you need in managing not only your podcast episodes, but also podcast specific RSS feeds right from your WordPress site.

Here’s a peek into how Seriously Simple Podcasting and Castos can make your podcasting life a breeze:

Better Podcasting Analytics

There’s no doubt that podcast analytics are a tough thing to figure out.  In developing the Castos platform we spent a solid 6 months coming up with the best ways to give you more data about your podcast and your listeners…and we have.

Castos is the first podcasting platform that will give you actual playback data about your listeners.  We track how long each audience member listens to an episode in the browser, and give you that information right in your Castos Analytics dashboard.

Typically your website listeners (as opposed to those who download your podcast files to their iPhone or Android device) are about 10% of your overall audience.  So the insights we give into the engagement level of your audience on a per episode level is a great start in showing you which episodes are resonating with your audience, and which are not.

Beautiful Podcast Player

Nothing ruins a website like a bad looking podcast player.  Web design has changed a lot in the past few years, and along with it should change the look and feel of podcast players.

The Castos player has a modern, minimalist design which looks great with any podcast cover image, and on any website.  Just grab the embed code for each episode’s player, and drop it right into any website, email, or social media post.

Better Publishing Experience

It may sound sad on the surface, but Looks Matter.  These days we all spend so much time online, that we want our experience to be a pleasant one…with a nice user interface, modern design, and easy to navigate layout.

Inside Castos you will see an interface that will make you smile, at least just a little bit, and makes publishing your podcast episodes a true pleasure.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect in publishing an episode on Castos

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