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Everything you need to create an incredible podcast.

WordPress Integration

Is your website on WordPress? With our Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin publishing your podcast content has never been easier.

One-Click Imports

Moving your podcast to Castos is as simple as the click of a button. We will import all of your existing podcast data to our platform, at no charge.


World Class Analytics

Seeing who is listening, and where, has never been easier with our best-in-class podcast analytics. We give you location, device type, even playback duration for each episode.

Customizable Media Player

Your media player should look tailor made for your website, and now it can.

With options of full size or compact player with fully customizable color schemes your media player will look stunning on your website.

Playback Duration Analytics

Do you know how long your audience is listening to your podcast episodes? Likely not!

With Castos analytics you’ll know exactly how long website listeners are sticking with each of your episodes.

Freedom In How You Publish Your Podcast

With Castos you have the choice of where you publish and manage your podcast content.

Either right here from or from your WordPress site using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.

Here’s What Other Users Are Saying

Everything about this “just works”. It’s the simplest way to get your podcast up and running and published. Their hosting option is really fast and reliable too.  Can’t recommend it enough.

Brian Casel
Audience Ops

The Audio is SOOOO much superior to Soundcloud and Listeners are commenting on this. The Metrics are working well and daily publishing is a snap. The Customer service is beyond excellent!

Lexie Kensington
National Podcasting Company

I love plugins that are simple and just work. This is an excellent example of that. It has worked beautifully for our podcast.

Pippin Williamson

Simple, Easy to Understand Pricing

14 day free trial included with all accounts

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