Castos: A Blubrry Alternative

Researching your podcast hosting options? Do you want to see exactly how Castos and Blubrry stack up? We’re giving you a straight-forward look at how Castos’ features compare to what Blubrry has to offer.

Looking For A Blubrry Alternative? Meet Castos.

On the surface, it appears Castos and Blubrry offer similar podcast hosting plans. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll notice a few crucial differences in our services. If you’re on the fence about whether Blubrry is the best podcast host, keep reading. We’ll show you how our features and costs compare to help you make a decision.

Castos Features Compared To Blubrry

Upload & Bandwidth Limits

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Unlimited upload time and bandwidthUpload restrictions for every plan with unlimited bandwidth
Manage Multiple
Podcasts From One Account

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Unique RSS feeds created for every new podcast series. Manage multiple podcasts from one account for a fixed price.Feature not currently supported by Blubrry.
Automatically Convert & Publish Podcast To YouTube

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Use Automatic YouTube Republishing to convert episodes into video files and publish them to YouTube.

Host both your audio and video files with Castos.
Manually publish podcast to YouTube. Blubrry hosts video files on the Medium – Professional Plans.
Episode Transcriptions

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$0.10/minute, pay-as-you-goFeature not currently supported by Blubrry.
Advanced Analytics For Every Plan

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View listens by episode, geographic breakdowns, and listens by device and platform on every plan.Additional $5/month to access advanced listener analytics.
WordPress PluginUse Seriously Simple Podcasting to manage your podcast directly from WordPress.

Publish episodes, customize the embeddable player, and view analytics from one dashboard.
Blubrry PowerPress allows you to manage your podcast directly from WordPress.

Publish episodes, customize the embeddable player, and view analytics from one dashboard.
Use Your Own Domain Name For RSS Feed LinkRSS feed URL can be based on your current domain name for free.RSS feed URL can be based on your current domain name for free.

We don’t have upload or bandwidth limits for any plan so you can podcast until your heart’s content. Blubrry doesn’t let you do that.

Blubrry imposes upload limits for every plan and their least expensive option only allows 100MB worth of storage. Want to experiment with longer episodes or try publishing more frequently? That may require purchasing additional upload hours or bumping up a more expensive plan.

Blubrry alternative prices

Castos doesn’t believe in limiting your creative process so all of our plans include unlimited uploads and bandwidth, period. Upload as many hours as you want and rest easy knowing your audience will always be able to download your latest content. 

You’ll have the freedom to experiment with new concepts, host multiple shows, and podcast until your heart’s content with Castos. We prefer that you grow your podcast without worrying about limitations and unexpected costs.

Castos lets you host multiple shows for one low price. With Blubrry, you’ll have to purchase separate plans.

Castos doesn’t believe in limiting your creative process. All of our plans include hosting multiple podcasts under one account, period.

With Blubrry, you’re unable to host multiple podcasts under one account. This forces you to pay extra for an additional plan. You’ll spend more to manage your podcasts and waste time toggling between multiple accounts!

For a better look at how our features and costs compare, check a few scenarios below for what you can expect to pay with Castos versus Blubrry (assumes a 60 minute episode is 50MBs):

Podcasting NeedsCastos PlansBlubrry Plans
> Publish 4x 60 minute episodes per month (200MBs)

> Use your own domain name for RSS feed link
Starter Plan

or $190/year
Medium Plan

or $240/year 
>Manage two podcasts

>Upload 2x 60 minutes episodes per month per podcast
Starter Plan

or $190/year
2x Medium Plans
or $480/year
>Publish 2x 60 minutes episodes per month

>Republish podcast to YouTube automatically and host video files
Growth Plan
Automatically republish your podcast to YouTube using a static background image.

or $340/year

Pro Plan
Do you film while recording your podcast? Host your video and audio files with Castos and republish it to YouTube and WordPress.

or $490/year
Large Plan
or $480/year

Videos need to be manually uploaded to YouTube. Blubrry does not support automatic YouTube republishing.

Automatically republish your podcast to YouTube with Castos and be discovered by their 2 billion monthly users. And we’ll host both your audio and video files. With Blubrry, you’ll have to do it all manually.

Many podcasters choose to film video while recording new episodes to repurpose their podcast for YouTube. With Castos’ Pro Plan, you can host your video and audio files for one low price. 

If you haven’t started filming videos alongside your episode recordings, try our Growth Plan. Each time you upload a new episode to Castos, we’ll convert the audio files into a video format and add a static background image. Then we’ll republish the episode to your YouTube channel automatically. 

Neither of these features are available with Blubrry, requiring you to do everything manually. For those repurposing a podcasts into video content, Castos’ automatic YouTube Republishing Tool saves you time and headaches.

See how easy it is to set up Automatic YouTube Republishing with Castos’ Growth Plan.

Use Castos’ pay-as-you-go transcription feature and easily get a word-for-word transcript of your episodes at just $0.10/minute. With Blubrry, you’ll have to pay for a 3rd party service.

Making podcasts accessible is a priority for our team, leading us to integrate with Rev for our podcast transcriptions. Easily transcribe each episode, download the PDF, and publish the them to your podcast’s website for your hearing-impaired or ESL listeners. As an added bonus, you’ll unlock SEO benefits and have an easy way to repurpose episodes into written content.

castos transcription service podcast host alternative

Transcriptions cost $0.10 per minute so a 30-minute episode will cost you $3. We’ll add these additional costs to your monthly or annual billing notice so everything is in one place. 

Blubrry doesn’t offer transcription services directly from your dashboard so you’ll need to pay for a 3rd party service or freelancer.

See how easy it is to generate an episode transcription from your Castos dashboard.

With Castos, gain deeper insights about your podcast with our advanced analytics. They come standard with every plan. At Blubrry, you’ll have to pay more for the same stats.

One part of growing a podcast is understanding what’s working, and what’s not. The only way to know which episodes your audience is consuming is by analyzing the data.

We believe in providing every podcaster the tools they need to build a successful show. That’s why we include detailed analytics within every plan. Each episode includes total listens, geographic breakdowns, and device and platform details right in your dashboard.

To access the same information with Blubrry, you’ll have to pay an extra $5/month. That’s an extra $60/year that’s better spent elsewhere.

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