Looking for a Blubrry Alternative?

Meet Castos, the Perfect Blubrry Alternative!

Are you new to podcasting and looking for your first podcast host? Or maybe you’re frustrated with your Blubrry experience? If so, we’d like to take a moment to explain why we think Castos is the best Blubrry alternative. 

What is Castos? It’s a podcast hosting service with a suite of podcast tools that make podcasting simple and pain-free. We host your podcast files in a secure, CDN backed hosting platform. If you have a podcast website built on WordPress, our powerful podcasting plugin lets you manage your RSS feed and content through WordPress. No external dashboards required!

Blubrry is a great tool, and we have no doubt that you can be successful with it, but we think it has some deficiencies. If you’re looking for a Blubrry alternative, read on to learn why we think Castos is the best podcasting service for you. 

Unlimited Storage

The best way to build an audience in grow a podcast is to create quality content. It’s your job to create the best episodes possible. That means you can’t be shackled by arbitrary constraints like the size of your audio files. 

Sadly, Blubrry limits how much you can upload each month. Their cheapest plan, for instance, limits you to 100MB per month. This is roughly 2 episodes of if they’re roughly 40 minutes long.

All of their other plans have limits as well. This could be a problem if you create long episodes. Sure, you could upgrade to a pricier plan, but that’s just more stress on your budget. 

Blubrry alternative prices

At Castos, we give you the freedom to create as much amazing content as you like. Sometimes your episodes are longer than you intend, but you don’t want to cut out any of that incredible value. So we let you upload files of any size. We don’t place limits on storage, episode length, or bandwidth – or any other silly limitations. 

YouTube Republishing

Part of promoting your podcast is making it available wherever your audience prefers to listen, which is why it’s so critical that you submit your show to the top podcast directories. Another powerful way to grow your show is by republishing your podcast on YouTube. You can tap into a large audience, leverage YouTube’s analytics, comment directly with your listeners, and even make some money on ads. 

With Castos, you don’t have to do much work to republish your podcast on YouTube. Our YouTube Republishing feature gives you the ability to automatically publish your podcast episodes to your YouTube channel. Blurry doesn’t offer an innovative feature like this.

Check out how one of our customers, Rogue Startups, republishes to YouTube. Castos published this video automatically.

All you have to do is connect your YouTube and Castos accounts and upload a background image you’d like to use for video files. After setting it up, Castos will automatically convert the audio file to a video file (using your background image) and post it on your YouTube channel.

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the web, behind just Google? With your podcast on YouTube, your audience will grow, your subscribers will climb, and if you monetize your videos, you’ll even earn some money – all without lifting a finger. 

Modern User Interface

Your podcast host is one tool in your entire stack, which means it needs to add value to your workflow without complicating your life. You should be able to access it and do what you need quickly so you can turn your focus back to what matters: producing quality content.

Castos’ user interface is intentionally simple. It’s designed to get you in and out quickly. For instance, adding your first podcast is just a simple form. 

Blubrry alternative Castos UI

Adding episodes in WordPress is just as simple.

Already using Powerpress to manage your podcast and looking to switch? Checkout our guide to migrate from Powerpress to Seriously Simple Podcasting.

You create them like you would create a typical page or post. Fill out the episode details and upload the audio file below the content area. This automatically uploads your episode to Castos and creates a unique page on your website. Add your podcast show notes and audio transcription to this page too.

Blubrry alternative publish to WordPress

How does Blubrry compare? It’s no secret that Blubrry’s interface (and their entire web presence) is a bit outdated. Their tool is clunky, hard to navigate, and presents you with an overwhelming number of options. We think it’s poorly optimized for a positive experience.

Automatic Audio Transcription

If you look at podcast websites these days, you’ll notice that a lot of them include complete word-for-word transcriptions of each episode. Transcriptions have a few benefits:

  • They make your podcast content to people who can’t hear, people who prefer not to listen to content, and anyone who might miss something you said.
  • Non-listeners can find your content and decide to become listeners.
  • They improve the SEO value of your pages. Google needs written content to rank your pages properly. If your content is easier to find, your audience will grow faster.

At Castos, we’ve partnered with the industry leading text-to-voice technology provider to offer an entirely seamless transcription service that’s available to all of our customers, regardless of your plan. Once you enroll in this service, we will automatically create a complete transcription for each episode. Billing is simple and affordable. (You can even download PDF versions to give to your email subscribers.)

Blubrry does not offer a service like this. If you use Blurry and want to transcribe your episodes, you’ll have to either manually type out every episode (which can take hours and cause you a lot of stress) or pay an expensive transcriptionist to do it for you. 

Ready for Your Blurry Alternative?

If you aren’t happy with your current podcast host and looking for the best Blubrry alternative, we strongly encourage you to give Castos a try today. Our no-charge 14-day trial gives the entire platform a test drive to see if it’s right for you.

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