Podcast Transcriptions Now Available For Podcast Episodes

Last updated on November 29th, 2019

Post originally published June 5, 2019.

Today we’re very excited to announce a long-awaited feature here at Castos: Automated Podcast Transcriptions.

That’s right, now every episode you publish on the Castos platform can be automatically transcribed into a full, word-for-word account of your episode.

There are two main reasons why podcast transcription is a good idea, and as with Castos’ YouTube Republishing they’re really both additive to your existing podcast.

Maximizing Your SEO Reach

We all know that good show notes are vital for the discoverability of your podcast in the eyes of search engines like Google, right?

Although the indexing in Google is changing quickly here in 2019 as of this point written content is indexed and searched much more extensively than audio.

But show notes often come up short in terms of delivering all of the content you deliver in your podcast episodes. They just can’t possibly cover the same amount of material you do in a full podcast episode.

Typically we see show notes being in the 500-1000 word range for a 30 minute episode. The same transcription for that episode might be 6,000 words!

Talk about an SEO improvement!

Google loves long-form content. These days if you’re in the content marketing space you know that blog posts HAVE TO BE 1,000 words or more if you want to have any hope of ranking well. Why should blog posts be any different?

I don’t know many podcasters who right 2,000 word show notes for their episodes.

And now you don’t have to. A full podcast transcript is a great way to give a word-for-word written account of your podcast episodes, and take advantage of Content Repurposing.

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Improved Accessibility

Podcasting is an audio-first content medium for sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help cater to those who are hearing impaired and want to enjoy your awesome content.

It might come as a surprise, but over 5% of the world’s population has some level of hearing impairment, and 15% of those over 18 report some level of hearing loss.

These members of your audience should NOT be forgotten. And transcription is a great way to give those with hearing difficulties a play-by-play recount of your podcast episodes.

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How Castos Transcription Works

We’ve teamed up with the industry leading text-to-voice technology provider to offer an entirely seamless transcription experience that is available to all of our Castos hosting customers.

All you need to do is head over to our Integrations section and subscribe to the Transcription feature.

This is an account-wide setting that will apply to all of the podcasts/series that you have with Castos.

From that point forward all of your podcast episodes will be automatically transcribed for you and sent directly back to your Castos dashboard within that episode details area.

From there you can copy/paste the transcription into your website if you’d like, or export a PDF copy of the transcription to offer as a download for your listeners.

Billing Info

Castos’ automated transcription service is a pay-as-you-go feature which you’re free to subscribe to and/or cancel at any time. There is a $0.10/audio minute charge associated with the transcription, and this will be included in your monthly Castos hosting bill.

So, for instance, if you publish weekly episodes that are all 30 minutes long you would have 120 minutes of audio each month. The transcription bill for that would be 120 minutes x $0.10/minute for an additional $12 on top of your existing Castos bill.

Transcribing Previous Podcast Episodes

If you’ve already been publishing episodes with us at Castos for some time you can even go back and transcribe previous episodes.

In the Integrations -> Transcription area of your Castos dashboard you’ll see a list of all episodes that have already been transcribed, and those that have not. There you have the option to manually trigger a transcription job of those previous episodes.

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