The Top Podcast Directories to List Your Show

Like all podcasters, you want more listeners. Even if you have a lot, you always want more, which is why you need to submit your show to podcast directories.

More listeners means more word-of-mouth buzz, which in turn gathers more listeners. Most importantly, more listeners means more ad revenue from your sponsors.

Promoting a podcast isn’t easy. You’ll need to use a number of marketing tactics to grow your audience and keep them coming back for every episode.

But the most impactful technique you can use to grow your podcast is also the easiest: Submitting your show to podcast directories.

Listing on every podcast directory makes your podcast more accessible. It creates more opportunities for potential listeners to find your show.

All you need is an RSS feed to get your show listed on podcast directories. You can massively extend your show’s reach by simply creating an account with each directory and submitting your RSS link. (If you use Castos, finding your RSS link is super easy.)

The best part is that you only have to do this once. Each of the podcast directories will update whenever you publish a new episode.

The Best Podcast Directories to List Your Show

Here’s a list of the best podcast directories for your show. read about each directory and then follow the steps to submit your podcast.

1. Apple Podcasts (iTunes)

Apple Podcasts is the biggest podcast directory in the world. It’s been a major player since it launched in 2005. It used to be part of iTunes, but Apple rebranded it as a standalone product – Apple Podcasts – due to its popularity.

To be frank, this is one of the most important podcast directories you should submit to. Your listeners need to be able to find you on Apple devices.

Some people go so far as to say that if you aren’t listed on Apple Podcasts then you aren’t really podcasting. It’s that significant.

Plus, several podcatcher apps aggregate podcasts from Apple Podcasts – like Pocket Casts and Overcast. You’ll appear in those apps automatically just by submitting to Apple Podcasts.

Submitting to Apple is easy. Visit iTunes Connect, log in with your Apple ID (or create one), hit the “+” button, and enter your podcast’s RSS feed. You should see your podcast’s artwork and categories. You’ll receive an email in six to 48 hours confirming that your show was accepted.

If you use Castos, check out our instructions for submitting to Apple Podcasts.

2. Google Play

Google Play is another massive player in the podcast space. Android powers more devices than any other operating system, so you can’t leave it out.

Podcast Directories

One powerful benefit of listing your podcast with Google Play is that your show will automatically appear in search results. Everyone uses Google, after all.

To submit your podcast to Google Play, head to Google Music and log in with your Google account. Accept the terms, click “Add a Podcast,” and enter your RSS details. Google will then ask you to verify your email and confirm ownership of the feed. Once that’s done, click “Public Podcast” and you’ll receive approval soon.

If you use Castos, check out our full guide on submitting your podcast to Google Play.

3. Spotify

Spotify is a new-ish player in the podcast space, but they’ve quickly become one of the most popular podcast directories. With 217 million monthly users, Spotify has become a massive hub for audio content.

podcast directories

Spotify’s submission process is a bit different than most podcast directories. Instead of submitting your RSS link, you have to integrate through your podcast host.

Submitting your podcast to Spotify is simple with Castos. You can create a Spotify integration right from your dashboard. Check out our documentation for instructions.

4. Stitcher

Stitcher was the default alternative to Apple Podcasts for Android users until Google stepped into the podcast scene. It built a decent audience that still uses the app today, so you’ll want to register with them too, even if you’re already on Google Play.

Stitcher is unique because it offers some analytical tools to help you understand how your podcast performs. Keep in mind, however, that this data only applies to your show’s performance on Stitcher. It doesn’t report on your performance on other platforms.

It’s also integrated into more than 50 car models and works in any vehicle equipped with Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto. You’ll definitely want to use this podcast directory if you think your audience likes to listen to you while they drive.

To list your podcast on Stitcher you need to sign up to as a Content Provider. Log in, click “Add Show,” then add your RSS feed and show details. Approval shouldn’t take long.

5. Podchaser

Podchaser is a massive database of podcasts. Listeners can review and rate individual episodes to help new listeners decide to listen. Each podcast gets a profile so everyone can see a list of episodes, information about the creators, reviews, statistics, and more.

Podchaser has two great features that listeners love:

  1. Categories – Users can filter their interests to find podcasts that suit their needs.
  2. Lists – Users can create lists of their favorite episodes to listen again in the future or share with their friends and family. (These are similar to Spotify’s playlists.)

To submit your podcast to Podchaser, you’ll first need a creator profile. Follow the steps to fill out your profile and submit your RSS link.

6. TuneIn

TuneIn is technically a radio platform, but it’s becoming popular among podcast listeners – especially listeners who also listen to talk radio, news, and sports content. It has 75 million listeners, so you shouldn’t ignore it.

It’s worth listing your podcast on TuneIn even if you don’t think your audience overlaps because this is where Alexa pulls its audio content.

Like most of the sources on this list, submitting your podcast to TuneIn is a straightforward. Visit TuneIn’s submissions page, complete the form, and wait for approval.

Podcast Directories Notable Mentions

The following podcast directors aren’t critical to the success of your podcast, but they will definitely create more exposure.

1. doubleTwist

doubtTwist is actually a media player, not a podcasting app. However, it has a directory you can submit your show. More accessibility is always good.

To submit your podcast, simply fill out their contact form. In the subject drop-down, choose “Request New Podcast.”

2. YouTube

Syndicate your show by converting each audio file into an MP4 and uploading to YouTube. This technique allows you to take advantage of YouTube’s massive audience.

If you have the resources, consider recording a video of yourself while you host the podcast. If you can’t record a video, simply use your podcast artwork as a single image for the video.

For or more information, read our full guide on YouTube publishing.

3. iPodder

iPodder is an elite, decentralized directory of podcast feeds. They don’t accept every podcast that submits their form. Instead, they review your podcast for quality content and consistent publishing. We recommend waiting to submit to this directory until you’ve released seven or eight episodes on a regular schedule and you’re proud of their quality.

Once you’re ready to submit to iPodder, visit their podcast submission page, fill out the super short form, and wait 48 hours. Keep in mind, however, that you might be rejected.

4. Castbox

Castbox is one of the most unique podcast directories because of how much they’ve invested in their search feature. With optimized SEO and a little help from artificial intelligence, they make finding new podcasts simple and painless. That’s why this is a favorite platform for people who like to experiment with new podcasts.

Furthermore, Castbox comes with a suite of social media features. Listeners can comment and share on individual episodes. This helps you get noticed and grow your audience.

Sign up for Castbox in their Creator Studio. Follow the prompts to submit your RSS feed.

Accessibility = Growth

Do you have to list your show on all of the podcast directories on that list? No, but it helps. Every listing is a road for potential listeners to follow to your show.

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