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28 Podcast Directories to Upload & Post Your Podcast Shows

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This is the most complete guide to publishing and uploading a podcast with a list of all podcast directories you should be using.

The most impactful way to grow an audience is to publish and upload a podcast across every podcast directory. From podcast aggregators big and large, your show should be available anywhere people consume podcasts.

There are a lot of resources out there that promise their guides are the definitive list. But we’re taking it a step further. Instead of detailing 15-20 podcasting directories, we have a whooping 28 you should consider.

To get started, all you’ll need is your podcast’s RSS feed link generated by your podcast hosting service. Then submit this information to each aggregator, just once. After that, every podcast directory will update automatically each time you publish a new episode.

But if you’re confused about why you can’t just upload a podcast to Spotify, we’ll start at the beginning.

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What is a Podcast Directory?

For listeners, a podcast directory is one way to discover and consume podcast episodes. Directories are typically categorized alphabetically or by genre to aid in discovering new shows. According to Chartable, two of the most popular listening platforms are Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

chartable most popular podcast directories by unique devices and unique downloads
Chartable found Apple Podcasts is the preferred podcast directory for listeners.

For podcasters, a podcast directory is where you list a show in order to be heard. There are dedicated mobile apps, desktop only sites, and combinations of both, but all help distribute a podcast to more people.

Today, with so many ways to listen, how do you decide which directories to list your show with?

Where Should I List My Podcast?

A common question among podcasters is “Is there a downside to listing my podcast on every possible directory?. Our answer: no!

Think of it this way–say you host a popular true crime podcast and a potential listener prefers discovering content on Pocket Casts. But your show is only listed on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. No matter how much you try to reach this listener, they’ll never tune into your show. Why? Because they need to clear multiple hurdles to test out your podcast. Instead, meet your potential audience where they already consume content.

Make it as easy as possible for new people to listen by distributing your show to as many podcast directories as possible. The downside? Taking a few hours setting up the one-time connection between your RSS feed and each platform. The upside? The possibility of being discovered by thousands of loyal fans.

So where should you list your podcast? Here’s our list of 28 curated podcast directories to get you started.

Publish Your Episodes to YouTube Automatically

If you want a big audience, your podcast needs to be available everywhere. Reach your audience on the largest search engine and #1 podcasting platform on the internet — YouTube. Even though it isn’t a music platform, more people listen to audio content on YouTube than anywhere else.


How does YouTube Republishing work?

YouTube Republishing is available in your Castos dashboard. Castos will convert your podcast audio files to beautiful-looking videos using an image as the visual component. You can set whatever image you like, such as your cover art. The same image is used for each video.

After the basic setup, Castos will automatically publish your videos to the YouTube channel and/or playlist of your choice. Set it once and forget about it. 

Why publish your podcast episodes on YouTube?

  • Bigger Reach – Share your content with a wider audience.
  • Zero Resources – Automatic republishing happens when you publish.
  • Enhanced SEO – Amp up your SEO results publishing on YouTube.
  • Available Free – Included FREE with all Growth & Pro accounts.

How do you set up YouTube Republishing?

All you need to do is create a one-time connection between your Castos account and the YouTube channel of your choice. After that, anytime a podcast episode is published, it will be automatically converted to a video file with your thumbnail image as the background, and published to YouTube for you.

What’s the cost of YouTube Republishing?

YouTube republishing comes standard on all Growth and Pro plans. You can upgrade your subscription settings right inside your Castos dashboard in the My Account -> Republishing tab.

Start Publishing on YouTube

Zero setup. Turn on and off any time.

Where to Post a Podcast Show & Distribute Your Content

Beginning with the most popular podcast directories. These are the places the majority of podcast listeners consume content so it is extra important to list your show with each.

So let’s get to it. Here are instructions on how to submit your podcast to every single one.

1. Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes)

Apple Podcasts is the biggest podcast directory in the world. It’s been a major player since it launched in 2005. It used to be part of iTunes, but Apple rebranded it as a standalone product, Apple Podcasts, due to its popularity.

This is one of the most important podcast directories to list a podcast with. Some people go so far as to say that if you aren’t listed on Apple Podcasts then you aren’t really podcasting. It’s that significant.


Here’s how to submit your show to Apple Podcasts. You should receive an email in 6 to 48 hours confirming that your show was accepted.

2. Google Podcasts

Now that Google Play Music is gone, Google Podcasts is the best and only way to listen to podcasts on Google’s platform. Launched in 2019, Google Podcasts automatically crawls the web to aggregate podcast content.

The best part about this directory is Google now shows podcast episodes in search results, making your show even more discoverable.


See how to submit a podcast to Google Podcasts for complete instructions. We’ll also show you how to check if Google’s bots have already aggregated your podcast.

3. Spotify

Spotify is quickly becoming one of the most popular podcast directories. With 271M monthly active users, Spotify is a massive hub for audio content.

Recently, Spotify purchased Gimlet Media and Anchor highlighting their massive investment in the industry. Some think it’s a good thing and other bad. Either way, don’t miss out on putting your show in front of their engaged user base.


Learn how to submit a podcast to Spotify. If you’re a Castos user, you can click and submit your show directly from the Castos dashboard.

4. Podchaser

Podchaser is a massive database of podcasts. Listeners can review and rate individual episodes to help other users discover new content. Each podcast gets a profile so everyone can see a list of episodes, information about the creators, reviews, statistics, and more.

Podchaser listeners also love their category and list features. With each, users can filter for their specific interests to discover shows that suit their needs then create a list of favorite episodes that can be shared.


To submit your podcast to Podchaser, you’ll first need a creator profile. Follow the steps to fill out your profile and submit your RSS link.

5. TuneIn

TuneIn is technically a radio platform, but it’s becoming popular among podcast listeners – especially listeners who also listen to talk radio, news, and sports content. It has 75 million listeners, so you shouldn’t ignore it.

It’s doubly worth listing your podcast on TuneIn even if you don’t think your audience overlaps because this is where Alexa pulls its audio content.


Submitting your podcast to TuneIn is straightforward. Visit TuneIn’s submissions page, complete the form, and wait for the approval.

6. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a popular online radio and podcast streaming service, especially for older demographics.

With their weekly Top Podcasts chart and personalized listener recommendations, there are ample opportunities for new people to test out your show.

7. Pandora

Pandora is another popular online streaming service with a powerful recommendation algorithm.

In August 2019, Pandora launched The Podcast Genome Project. It “provides personalized podcast recommendations for each user at the show and episode level based on their likes, dislikes, and other insights from their listening histories.”

Submit your podcast to Pandora in a few simple steps and find the listeners who are looking for you.


Follow these short steps to submit your podcast to Pandora Podcasts.

Podcast Directories That Connect With Apple Podcasts

Due to the importance of Apple Podcasts and the fact that the majority of shows are listed there, many other podcast aggregators use their directory too. This means when you submit a podcast to Apple Podcasts, your show will also be listed across other listening platforms.

Here is a list of some podcast directories that pull RSS feeds directly from Apple Podcasts:

8. Overcast

Overcast is a free podcast player for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices. Listeners love it because instead of algorithmic or editor-approved charts, fellow Overcast users “star” their favorite shows to be included in the Featured Podcast section.

Podcasters love Overcast because they offer display advertising slots within the player. Using this service, listeners can subscribe to a new podcast in two clicks directly within the app. It’s one of the most seamless discovery to subscribe processes out there.

Listeners love Overcast because it has some unique features that set it above other iOS apps. Their Smart Speed feature removes silent moments and dead air in episodes. Rather than increasing the playback speed, the app simply cuts it out. It tracks the amount of time a user saves which means they can listen to even more of your episodes.

Another big feature is Voice Boost. It normalizes the volume within an episode so sound levels remain equal listening from one podcast to the next. Goodbye blown out ear drums.

9. Downcast

Downcast is another podcast player for Apple products. The app offers some more features compared to Overcast, like the ability to save episodes to the cloud and advanced episode categorization. Downcast costs $2.99 and has CarPlay technology plus the ability to stream shows through ChromeCast.

10. PodCruncher, iCatcher, and Castaway 2

PodCruncher , iCatcher, and Castaway 2 are three more player apps for Apple devices. All offer more advanced features than the built-in Apple Podcasts app making them popular choices among power listeners. Castaway 2 also offers a more minimalist interface compared to other players, showcasing the podcast’s cover art and easy to use playback controls.

11. Podcast Republic, BeyondPod, AntennaPod, and doubleTwist

Podcast Republic, BeyondPod, AntennaPod, and doubleTwist are other top podcast players for Android users. Podcast Republic offers podcasters the chance at being included in their Featured Podcasts chart. You can also include a custom Podcast Republic subscribe button on your website with their short-code generator.

BeyondPod lets listeners create custom categories for their favorite shows and playlist creation. It also automatically removes already played episodes from a user’s queue.

Other Top Podcast Directories To List A Show

While the majority of podcast listening happens on the above directories, there’s no downside to distributing a podcast to more niche platforms.

Remember our answer from the top of this post: publishing a podcast to every directory allows new listeners to try your show on the platform where they already consume content.

Submit your show to this list of 16 podcast directories to find even more loyal fans.

12. RadioPublic

RadioPublic’s mission is to “help podcaster grow their businesses and listeners discover them.” They’ve been at it for 15 years and it shows. For audiences, they create a seamless listening experience across desktop and their mobile app. There’s space to create playlists and even add private RSS feeds from places like Patreon.

Given their robust features, RadioPublic is a popular podcast platform so your show should be there too.

13. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a free streaming app for Android and iOS users. The app is partially owned by NPR showcasing their commitment to the industry and the needs of podcasters.

They also hand-curate a list of the best podcasts across the directory to put new and emerging podcasts in front of listeners. After submitting a podcast to Pocket Casts, check out the Featured Podcast criteria to get in the running.

Listeners love Pocket Casts because it has all the features that should come with a top-tier app: automatically downloading new episodes, playback speed options, and enhanced discovery options where a user can search by network or trending shows.


Grab your RSS feed link and learn how to list your podcast with Pocket Casts.

14. Castbox

Castbox is one of the most unique podcast directories because of how much they’ve invested in their search feature. With optimized SEO and a little help from artificial intelligence, they make finding new podcasts simple and painless. That’s why this is a favorite platform for people who like to experiment with new podcasts.

Furthermore, Castbox comes with a suite of social media features. Listeners can comment and share on individual episodes helping you get noticed to grow your audience.


Sign up for Castbox in their Creator Studio then follow the prompts to submit your RSS feed.

15. Listen Notes

Listen Notes is dubbed “the best podcast search engine. It’s like Google, but for podcasts.” It features over 934K podcasts that have totaled over 28M listens! The platform allows listeners to curate playlists and search across multiple shows surrounding a specific topic.


There are two ways to submit a podcast to Listen Notes, via their website or API. Find instructions for both methods here.

16. Castro

Castro allows users more control over how they listen to podcasts. From curated queues, setting download limits for show that frequently publish, to custom start times for shows with repetitive intros. It’s the iPhone podcast player designed for podcast fanatics.

And similar to Overcast, they recently added promotional features within their app for increased discovery!


To submit a podcast to Castro, the show first needs to be listed with Apple Podcasts. Grab the iTunes ID to begin listing your podcast with Castro.

17. Deezer

Deezer is pretty much the Spotify of Europe. To reach a more global audience, listing your show with Deezer is a step in the right direction. They have over 14M users and have recently started including podcasts as part of their streaming service.

18. Anypod

Anypod allows users to access podcasts on their Amazon Alexa and mobile devices. While TuneIn offers similar functions to put your podcast on voice assistant devices, listing a podcast with Anypod gives users another way to listen.

19. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is the #1 podcast app on Android with 9M downloads. With networks in multiple languages like French and German, power users love the additional discovery opportunities within the app.

The app also supports private RSS feeds if your show maintains a Patreon with exclusive episode content.

20. PlayerFM

PlayerFM is an app available for Apple and Android devices plus a web player. Compatible with wearable, CarPlay technology, and TV streaming devices, PlayerFM is a powerful listening platform.

They place an emphasis on discovery with over 500 niche categories to choose from. Listeners can receive fresh recommendations every day so there’s no shortage of episodes to listen to.

21. Learning Out Loud

If you host an education podcast, a niche directory to list your show is Learn Out Loud. A popular resource to learn on the go, this podcast directory is one of the internet’s largest catalog of free audio-first educational resources.

22. iPodder

iPodder is an elite, decentralized directory of podcast feeds. They don’t accept every podcast that submits their form. Instead, they review your podcast for quality content and consistent publishing. We recommend waiting to submit to this directory until you’ve released seven or eight episodes on a regular schedule and you’re proud of their quality.

23. Laughable

Laughable is the best way for listeners to discover comedic podcasts and podcasters. Users can subscribe to specific people and be alerted each time they release a new episode or appear on another podcast.

24. Acast

Acast boasts featuring “all the world’s podcasts” on their app. With free and premium versions, each offers the unique ability to seamless share podcast recommendations with friends with their Nearby feature.

25. Podcast Gang

Podcast Gang is relatively new to the scene. Solely a web based player, it’s an easy way for users to tune in online. Users can “heart” shows, leave reviews, and recommend podcasts to others right from the platform.

26. Listen App

Listen App is still in beta but we have our eyes on them. They’re building a voice-first platform to bring podcast listeners together for an enriched audio experience.

Building a loyal community is a key growth strategy so we have high hopes for Listen App’s ability to help podcasters find engaged fans.

27. YouTube

While not a traditional podcast directory, YouTube is a popular platform for listening to podcasts. Syndicate your show by converting each audio file into an MP4 and uploading to YouTube. This technique allows you to take advantage of YouTube’s massive audience.

If you have the resources, consider recording a video of yourself while you host the podcast. If you can’t record a video, simply use your podcast artwork as a single image for the video.


There you have it. An almost exhaustive list of the major and minor podcast directories you should absolutely list your show with. After publishing episode 0, grab your RSS feed link, block out some time, and start publishing your podcast everywhere people listen.

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