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Last updated on December 29th, 2020

The podcast player for your show is maybe the single most important point of connection between your website visitors and your podcast. This is where and how they interact with your entire podcast brand.

And today we’re excited to announce a major update to the embeddable Castos podcast player.

This new podcast player is available immediately on all of the built-in Podcast Pages on Castos podcasts (like this one for our own Audience podcast) as well as is embeddable anywhere online via iFrame code.

Been using Castos for a while, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our new player design works 100% seamlessly with any existing iFrame embed codes you already have on external websites.

Here are just a few enhancements to the Castos podcast player:

  • Light or Dark Mode – we know not all players look the same on all sites, so we’re giving the option of a Light or a Dark mode for you to choose which looks best on the site you’re embedding the player on.
  • Customized Subscribe buttons – customized subscribe buttons for every podcasting platform that your show is live on.
  • Social Sharing Built-in – Call To Action buttons to share an episode on Facebook, Twitter, and via email all built right into the player.
  • Looks great on desktop and mobile devices – we’re an on-the-go culture and more and more podcasting is a mobile-first experience…shouldn’t your player be too?

Let’s look at each of these in turn:

Multiple Player Color Options

You work so hard on creating a great sounding podcast that is interesting and engaging for your listeners to tune into each week, it’d be a shame to settle on a bad looking player for your site.

Here is the Dark version of the new player (go ahead and click Play, this is the real player)

or the Light version

We know your pain there, and with the customizable background color options in the Castos player, you’re guaranteed to get a great looking fit on your website.

With options for a Light background or a Dark one your player will look good regardless of your site design characteristics.

Customized Subscribe Buttons

What is the 1 thing we want all website visitors to do when it comes to our podcast?


But where do we want them to subscribe? (psst, the answer is NOT “iTunes”).

The answer is we want people to subscribe wherever they already listen to podcasts. Don’t make a potential podcast listener go out of their way to find your show in the app/platform of their choice. Make it easy for them.

The new Castos player automatically pulls in all of the Subscribe options that you’ve entered in your Castos dashboard for each podcast.

With this, a website visitor will be able to easily click through to the app or platform that they already use to listen to other podcasts and subscribe to yours.

Embedded Social Sharing Options

If the #1 thing we’re hoping all website visitors do is to Subscribe to our podcast, the #2 thing must be to share your awesome show with their friends, right?

Yes. And just like we don’t want to make listeners find a way to share your show, we’ve built in a very easy way for them to share on Facebook, Twitter, and via email directly from the player.

With pre-populated messages for each platform, all a listener has to do is choose which platform they want to share from and click Send.

Also built-in are links to the episode and the embed code for visitors to embed the player right on their site as well.

Great Mobile Experience

While the majority of podcast listenership comes through mobile apps the second most popular way for listeners to tune into shows (particularly ones they’ve just heard about and are considering Subscribing to) is on your website.

Here’s a sneak peek at that same player episode on an iPhone 7

We built the new Castos player with a mobile-first design process, and every aspect of listeners’ interaction with the player is designed for modern mobile devices in mind.

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