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Castos Mobile App For Private Podcasting

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Private Podcasting is taking the podcast industry by storm.

Whether it’s for internal use for companies to better connect with their employees, or those with online courses, membership sites, and communities to offer exclusive content only to those members, private podcasts are everywhere.

But one question that always comes up when discussing private podcasting with customers is that of distribution.

How can subscribers listen to a private podcast?

Is my content secure?

Are there ways to tell if that private podcast content is being shared outside of those who are intended to listen to it?

Ease of use for your listeners, and the security of your content is paramount when it comes to private podcasting.

You want to know for certain who has access to your content, that it cannot be shared elsewhere, and that you can revoke access for Private Subscribers should you need to.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the release of Castos’ very own mobile app for private podcast listening.

Now you can invite your Private Subscribers to download the Castos mobile app, for Android and iOS, when they’re added to a new private podcast on the Castos platform.

No more having to rely on subscribers understanding clunky private RSS feeds, navigating how to paste them into their podcasting app, and no more worrying about how and where that private feed URL is being shared.

Your listeners can download the Castos app, log in with their email address, and instantly receive all of the Private Podcast content that they’re eligible to receive, across the Castos platform.

The Castos mobile app is a one-stop shop for listeners to get all of the private podcast content they want to listen to.


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Check Out The App Today

As a show host, you’re able to include an invite for new Private Subscribers to download the app in your Castos dashboard settings:

There you can set to either include the private RSS feed, the mobile app download buttons, or both to the emails that Castos sends on your behalf to welcome each new Private Subscriber.

Giving our customers the ability to customize the way that their Private Subscribers consume their content is paramount to the continued growth of the private podcasting space.

And if you’re a large organization or high volume publisher and would like to white-label the Castos mobile app just for your company or audience get in touch here to discuss the options with our sales team.

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