RSS Feed Setup Service

You know how to create great content, and even to promote it to your audience, but you’re stuck in the weeds of what the heck an RSS feed is and how to publish your podcast to all the places you need to in order to grow your show.

We’ve got you covered.

You send us the info about your podcast and we’ll do the rest.

Castos’ RSS Feed Setup service is a one-time, $99 fee for our team to set up your podcast RSS feed, optimize for maximal discoverability, and submit it everywhere your podcast needs to live.

Our team will complete this one-time setup of your RSS feed and submitting it to the most popular 7 podcasting directories within 2 working days.

Getting your podcast feed set up properly, and distribution connected to the most common listening directories for your audience is hugely important to getting your show started on the right foot.

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