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Whether you’re looking to share your RSS feed with your audience, are ready to migrate your podcast to a new hosting platform (like Castos!) or want to submit your podcast to a new directory this free tool lets you find an RSS feed for any podcast, entirely for free.

How To Find A Podcast RSS Feed For Any Show

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Copy the podcast RSS feed link that this tool displays. This is the direct link to your show on your hosting provider.

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Share Your RSS Feed With Your Audience

While podcasting directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify are great for discoverability they all still rely on your podcast RSS feed to let new listeners subscribe to your podcast.

Move Your Podcast To A New Host

If you’re looking to migrate your podcast from one hosting provider to another you’ll need your RSS feed to begin the import and transfer process.

Own Your Distribution Strategy

Don’t be dependent on large platforms where you have no control to dictate how (and where) you can distribute your podcast. Relying directly on your RSS feed is a surefire way to ensure that your podcast stays active, no matter what!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your RSS feed is really the essence of your podcast. It is “the thing” that directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. all look to in order to draw information about your podcast as a whole as well as to grab new episodes as you publish them.

In short, to submit your podcast to these directories you’ll need to submit your RSS feed for them to ingest and display on their platforms.

Here are in-depth guides on submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts and to Spotify.

If you need help setting up your Castos dashboard or Seriously Simple Podcasting we hold a weekly video call where we walk through the entire setup process, take your questions live, and much more. Register here for the next “Getting Started With Castos” call.

Every podcast needs an RSS feed. An RSS feed is the only way an audience can access a podcast’s content. Without it, your podcast will not appear in any of the popular podcasting directories, making it impossible for people to listen to it.

There are two main options to create your own podcast RSS feed: do-it-yourself or with a podcast hosting provider. Since the majority of podcasters aren’t coders, many choose a podcast hosting provider to create their RSS feed.

Learn more about RSS feeds and why your podcast needs one.

YES! We have multiple resources available to help get you started. Check out our blog content, podcast, free video course, and comprehensive How to Start a Podcast guide here.

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