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Why Your Podcast Name Is So Important

What’s in a name? Everything! The name of your podcast is arguably the most direct identifier of your show out there. It is something that you will mention during every episode, will post on social media, and will say to your family, friends, and colleagues.

How To Choose A Name For Your Podcast

Search With Relevant Keywords

The name of your podcast should include a keyword or phrase that potential listeners can instantly recognize and associate with your content.

Ensure That The Name Isn’t Already In Use

Do a quick search in Google and in Apple Podcasts/Spotify to ensure there’s not another podcast with your top name choices.

Check If The Domain Is Available

Castos’ Podcast Name Generator only shows you available domains, so you’ll know that you can register a domain for your podcast website.

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Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

Your podcast cover image is literally the only thing that many potential subscribers will see about your show before making the decision to check out your content, or not. Give them every chance you can to be inticed by your brand, your positioning, and your message with an interesting and well designed cover image.

Embrace Being Unique

Nobody sets out to create just another podcast, and you shouldn’t with your cover image either. Have some color in it, make bold design choices, and stand out. This may be the single easiest thing you can do to differentiate yourself from the competition in podcasting directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Create A Brand For Your Podcast

Whether you realize it yet or not your podcast has a brand. You can be proactive and intentional about it by giving your podcast brand a real identity, or your audience will do it for you. And in that case, the brand may not be what you had in mind. Step out and tell your new listeners what you’re all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of best practices to come up with a catchy podcast name:

  • Make it short: just a few words are ideal
  • Use a relevant keyword: at least one keyword that pertains to your show’s content
  • Easy to spell: you’ll be saying the name of your podcast a lot, make it obvious how to spell
  • Get the domain: register the domain for your podcast so you can use it for your podcast website
  • Be unique: your podcast name should be catchy and fun, but not too whimsicle.

Absolutely, the name of your podcast is one of the most important identifiers of your show. Along with your podcast cover art the name of your podcast is literally the brand that your show has in the eyes (and ears) of your audience.

A great podcast name is recognizable and stands out amongst the dozens of competitors your show will have in podcast directories like Apple Podcasts.

A good name for a podcast is one that is easy to recognize and memorable for your potential audience. It should be short, somewhat catchy (but not too hard to figure out), and is something that you can build a brand for your podcast around.

You can change the name of your podcast later on, but rebranding your podcast is hard and it’s best to stick with one name for the entirety of your podcast.

Castos’ free domain name generator checks to see if the domain for your podcast is available on the Namecheap registrar. This way you can use a custom domain for the free podcast website that is created with every podcast on the Castos platform.

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