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Create Stunning Podcast Cover Images With Dynamo

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It’s something every podcast has, and in a lot of cases is the very first impression you can make on potential new subscribers: your podcast cover image. But unless you’re a designer or want to hire one (which can be expensive and time-consuming) creating podcast cover art can be difficult for new podcasters.

We know this all too well. One of the biggest hurdles that our customers have in getting started with their new shows isn’t coming up with a podcast name, creating content, or even distributing it to podcasting directories. It’s settling on what the cover art will look like.

To help all podcasters in this journey we’ve created an entirely free podcast cover image creator, called Dynamo.

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Dynamo is entirely free, no signup required, way for podcasters to quickly create cover images for their shows.

With premade templates and design elements you can:

  • Add/reposition/resize text for your image
  • Add background colors, images, or gradients
  • Add overlays and saturation layers
  • Align text and add text elements
  • Change text color and fonts

Best of all Dynamo creates the perfect size image, every time. Most new podcasters don’t know that your cover image needs to be between 1400×1400 to 3000x3000px in size, in JPG or PNG format, and ideally < 1MB in size to be accepted by podcasting directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

Dynamo takes all of those technical considerations off your plate, so you can just focus on creating a great-looking image for your show, and carry on with building your content and growing your audience.

If you’re starting a new show, or just want to freshen up the cover image for an existing podcast check out Dynamo today and let your creativity run wild:

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