Internal Company Podcast

Revolutionize How Your Company Communicates

Especially in these trying and uncertain times, businesses are looking for every competitive advantage they can get. As a leader, you might find yourself asking if something like an internal company podcast could be that edge you’re looking for.

When it comes to developing a strong workplace culture there are now unique challenges around communication, employee engagement, and even a sense of belonging.

The question is:
How are you as a company leader dealing with these challenges?

Long gone are things like National Sales Meetings, multi-day offsite retreats for large leadership teams, and all-hands company meetings. But you know as a company executive that these events were critical in bringing together your team and have everyone working towards a single, focused goal.

Fortunately, all is NOT lost, and there is a new way to engage with your teams, and in a way that is remote-first in many ways: an internal company podcast.

You might ask: Why would I start an internal company podcast?

Well here are just a few reasons to consider:

Showcase your star performers

Send out company updates almost real time

Avoid Zoom burnout for your teams

Engage with your team members in a new medium

Get around the email burden

Promote diversity and inclusion initiatives

A way to engage on-the-go and remotely

Share best practices

Relay C-Suite initiatives and updates

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How An Internal Company Podcast Works With Castos

Individualized employee onboarding experience

Measurable engagement metrics and listener analytics

Distribute content securely and with confidence

Run public and private podcasts from the same dashboard

Integrating into a WordPress site? We’ve got you covered

Team members can listen on the go on any podcasting app

Internal Company Podcast Use Cases

Sales Enablement

Give your sales teams the things they need to be successful. Anytime, anywhere. Sales leaders can share best practices, latest messaging and program developments, and plan updates with the entire sales organization, in just minutes.

HR Employee Spotlights

Let your Human Resources teams share their initiatives more easily with the entire company. From diversity and inclusion to employee spotlights to new hire onboarding best practices an internal company podcast connects the whole organization.

C-Suite Messaging

Corporate leaders can easily share their vision with the entire organization in a highly connected and personal way. Far superior to conference calls and email updates for telling the story of where you see the company going.

Teams Working Remotely

Whether you’ve just recently made the switch to remote work or have been remote-first for a while adding a podcast to your team communication will bring your team together in new and exciting ways.

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