Internal Company Podcast

Revolutionize How Your Company Communicates With Internal Company Podcasts.

Podcasts are share-able, pause-able, and don’t require looking at a screen: unique features which make them a perfect solution for transforming how your team communicates internally.

With Castos, your company can create podcast content just employees and share it with them via a secure, easy-to-manage, and highly accessible listening application.

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Why Create an Internal Company Podcast with Castos?

Improve Team Communication

Between email, video calls, and messaging applications it can be tough to find the right medium for the right message to share information. Podcasts provide a way to share information without adding another meeting to already full calendars.

Create A Step Away Experience

Securely share internal communication in the form of podcasts to create a Step Away Experience, providing employees an opportunity to get away from their desks to engage with company information on the go or OOTO.

Easily Control Content Access

Whether you want your podcast to be accessed by the entire company or only certain teams, with Castos it’s easy to add, remove, and manage Castos subscribers at any time. Integrate with an HRIS or LMS to further automate content access.

Maximize Engagement With A Mobile Listening Experience

The Castos mobile app provides an easy-to-use and streamlined way for employees to listen to podcast content without it being publicly accessible. Get the product guide for features, pricing, and setup options.

Create A Podcast Employees Actually Want To Listen To

Creating engaging podcast content requires thought, planning, and proper execution. Our expert team of producers, audio engineers, and podcast strategists partner with you to create a premium podcast.

Measure What Matters and Drive Meaningful Results

Measure the success of entire shows or individual episodes through one easy-to-use dashboard with detailed analytics. Download the product guide to see the full list of support metrics along with features.

You might ask: Why would I start an internal company podcast?

Showcase your star performers

Engage with your team members in a new medium

Promote diversity and inclusion initiatives

A way to engage on-the-go and remotely

Share best practices

Relay C-Suite initiatives and updates

Get around the email burden

Send out company updates almost real time

Avoid Zoom burnout for your teams

Internal Company Podcast Resources

How to Start An Internal Company Podcast

An internal company podcast is just a private podcast designed for internal communications. In this article, we explain how to start an internal company podcast as well as set it all up in Castos. 

How to Create A Sales Team Podcast

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How to Maximize Engagement When Launching An Internal Company Podcast

You’ve created the first episode of your private company podcast (sometimes called a corporate podcast) and you’re happy with the result. Now you’re wondering how to share it; how to turn your coworkers into listeners.

How to Use Podcasting for Remote Asynchronous Learning & Development

A major drawback when buying into complex hosted solutions for employee learning and enablement is the overwhelming feature set the software includes.

Learn why organizations turning to full-blown Learning Management Systems (LMS) should instead consider private podcasting tools for their asynchronous learning needs. 

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