Creating the Step Away Experience for your team

step away experience

The Covid pandemic changed the way that many of us work, and live, and it’s very likely that these changes will be permanent.

Long gone are the days where companies only have in-person meetings, and information is shared real time at presentations and conferences.

No longer are employees accepting the demands that they are in “this place, at this time, to engage in this way”.

Let’s face it, as remote work becomes more the norm and companies begin to see that employees not only can be productive, but many can do their Best Work in a remote environment, the playing field has changed.

In many cases, it is now the employees who have optionality. Choices over where they work, for whom, and on what terms.

Companies large and small see the challenge of employee engagement as a real issue that must be dealt with, Right Now.

In a work environment that includes at least some remote component, the lines between Work Time and Personal Time are blurred.

Savvy companies that understand the importance of guarding that Work-Life balance are concerned with giving team members the options they deserve to engage with company content in the right channel, at the right time, in the right medium.

And for many communicators that medium is audio, and comes in the form of podcasting.

Company leaders know that their team members are being pulled in a thousand different directions, and sometimes need a break. They know they need to provide The Step Away Experience that team members are looking for.

The Step Away Experience means giving team members the avenue through which they can catch up on company content in a mobile-first, asynchronous, secure, and on-demand way. Sounds a lot like a Private Podcast, right?

Companies at the leading edge of modern workplace culture see the implementation of podcasting in their internal company communications stack as the ultimate solution for fulfilling the need their employees have, while at the same time giving their leadership team a new way to connect with their teams.

But the Step Away Experience means more than just putting your Zoom calls into a podcast feed. It means being intentional about selecting the right medium for your company’s content, and delivering it to your team members in the way they want to consume is.

Castos is pioneering private podcasting for companies, and we’d love to help your company provide the Step Away Experience for your team members.

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