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Asynchronous learning with audio and private podcast feeds

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A major drawback when buying into complex hosted solutions for employee learning and enablement is the overwhelming feature set the software includes.

Organizations turning to full-blown Learning Management Systems (LMS) should look to private podcasting tools for their asynchronous learning needs. 

From a cost perspective, complex education solutions will charge you for features you’re most likely not going to take advantage of. For many organizations turning to remote work the most critical part in delivering asynchronous learning is that you can provide the content to your employees as fast and efficiently as possible. 

Delivering your learning through audio, using private podcasting, ensures that you can get the most important information to your staff through a device they already own — a mobile phone.

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Can a private podcast help with asynchronous learning?


Podcast consumption is on the rise and chances are a good portion of your staff is already tuning in to at least one podcast every week. The big win for you? Setting up your own internal company podcast is a lot easier than deploying a whole new complex learning management portal.

Support costs and time to launch can be considerably decreased by introducing an audio-only education option. Depending on the level of production you want to invest in, your audio files can be extremely easy to create or turned into a highly engineered narrative show — you decide. 

Another benefit to replacing in-your-seat asynchronous learning with audio is that it is a mobile first experience. Since a majority of us are working from home, we recommend creating a fun & educational Step Away Experience!

Giving your employees the chance to asynchronously consume educational content on a run, a trip to the grocery store, or while cleaning their house creates an experience which removes the pressures (and unhealthiness!) of sitting at a computer all day clicking through a course. 

Lets recap the major benefits of a private podcast for asynchronous education:

  • More affordable than costly Learning Management Portals
  • Audio is easier to create than a large-scale syllabus
  • Your employees are most likely listening to podcasts already
  • Deliver content on the go with a device everyone already has
  • Offer a rich Step Away Experience for team

4 Ways to create asynchronous learning podcasts with the content you already have

If “creating a podcast” has you stuck thinking about how this medium can serve your educational needs, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Creating content that goes into your private podcast can be challenging if you’re new to this space. Don’t worry, it’s actually a lot easier than you think!

Let’s explore 4 ways you can leverage to create content for your private podcast by repurposing what you’re already doing.

Repurpose Zoom meetings into podcasts

Do away with Zoom fatigue! 

No one likes a packed calendar of Zoom meetings. Luckily there’s a great way to asynchronously get your meeting content by using their built-in record features. Simply record the meetings using built-in Zoom features already available to you. Download the audio file of the meetings and then upload to your Castos private podcast. 

Yes, it’s that easy!

At Castos you can have unlimited private podcasts, so you could do this for every department meeting under your organization. Not only does it free up time, but it’s a great way to offer more transparency cross-departmentally with meeting episodes getting delivered to your phone as soon as they are published.

Extract audio from product training videos

If you’re hiring new employees that need to learn the ins and outs of your product, but you want to give them that Step Away Experience, consider extracting the audio from your archive of existing training videos.

Even as supplemental education to video, extracting bite-sized audio clips from your existing training could serve as fantastic onboarding educational material or for future refresher courses when your team wants to punch into the most critical content. 

Quarterly CEO Town Halls & All-hands

Quarterly town halls or big events are a great source of content from across your company. 

Of course you can capture the big goal updates from the CEO, but generally the rest of your c-suite team is also presenting at these events. Capturing a mix of episodes from each presentation can be a great way to organize your content for easier consumption. 

Want to go back and re-listen to what the VP of Product said? No problem! Click play in your Castos podcast app available in the iOS App Store or Google Play. 

Mix and match your content to create private podcast shows

Repurposing the above content is fairly straightforward and requires very little audio engineering experience

Your team can take raw Zoom recordings, upload them into their Castos private feed, and in an instant it’s ready to listen to on the go. But what about when you want to spice things up a bit? Borrow content from recorded meetings, events, and training videos to build a new show! 

The good news is, there are no specific rules when editing your podcast episodes. If you can take clips from various channels, add in your own monologue and then shape some educational goals — why not use podcasting to your advantage?

If the thought of editing a podcast sounds too technical or time consuming, you’re in luck: 

  1. Castos integrates with Descript to make editing audio and creating transcripts super-easy. 
  2. Castos Productions offers a white-glove approach to helping you create shows for your private podcast. 

Your next steps to launch asynchronous learning through podcasting

First, evaluate what your organization needs in a tool to deliver educational content to employees:

  • Do you need something robust and heavy with elaborate features, or could the lightweight approach of audio content in a mobile-first podcast player work better? 
  • Do you need your employees interacting with software at their desks, or could listening to a series of podcasts + a short survey at the end deliver the same result? 
  • Do you want your staff “clocked in” with a calendar full of training meetings, or could you offer a Step Away Experience that makes them feel more appreciated in a calmer environment? 

Whichever path you choose, using private podcasting as a means to deliver audio content to your team should at least be considered. There are many ways to leverage this as audio messaging and the team at Castos is prepared to help you along the way. 

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