Podcast Production with Descript

Easily Edit Your Podcasts

Descript is an all-in-one tool that makes editing your podcast (both audio & video!) as easy as editing a word document. Record, transcribe, edit and mix to bring your podcast to life quickly and easily – and once you love it, publish it to Castos with one click.

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Best yet, all Castos customers who are new to Descript receive 1 month free of their Pro plan. For more information, click here.

Editing Made Easy

Edit audio by editing text. Drag and drop to add music and sound effects.

Remove Filler Words

Quickly identify and remove unwanted words like “uhm”, “uh”, and “you know” from your recordings.

Collaborate Effectively

High-quality multitrack recording with live transcription makes remote collaboration a dream.

Text to Speech

Descript Pro includes access to Overdub, enabling you to generate voice recording from text to easily fix recording mistakes.

1-Click Publishing

Castos is fully integrated with Descript, allowing you to publish your recorded podcast across platforms like Spotify and Apple in seconds.

How Does It Work?

If you’re currently using both Descript and Castos, take advantage of 1-click publishing by selecting “Castos” from the drop down menu when exporting your recording.

Step 1

Upload or create your audio

Upload your pre-recorded podcast episode or record directly into Descript.

Step 2

Publish a Descript Page

Publish a Descript page (visible only with link) once you are satisfied with your audio editing.

Step 3

Choose Castos for export location

From the export screen, select Castos as your preferred provider to publish your episode.

Step 4

Choose your Castos podcast to publish to

While logged in to your Castos account, Descript + Castos will prompt you to select which of your podcasts to publish to.

Step 5

Your episode is ready to publish!

Your episode will be saved in Draft mode and ready to publish. Edit your episode to finalize your show notes, scheduling time, and artwork!