Harness the Power of Zapier

You can harness the power of Zapier and the directory of 1,000s of applications that they connect with to help power your Private Podcast on Castos.

Imagine a scenario like this:

  • You have an email list on Mailchimp and want to add all new subscribers with a particular Tag or Custom Event to your Private Podcast
  • You have a Shopify store and want to subscribe customers who purchase a certain item a Private Podcast about their new item
  • You run an online course with Teachable and want to send Private Podcast content to your students
  • You have a registration form on your website and want to add all submissions from it to your Private Podcast
  • and literally thousands and thousands more options

Maybe you’re using tools like TypeForm, Google Sheets, Slack, Hubspot, or Salesforce and want new email signups on those services to trigger an Individual Subscriber in your Private Podcast.

Well now you can, and ONLY with Castos.

Check out Castos’ Zapier integration and how you can use it to connect your Private Podcast to more than 2,000 other tools you already use.