Accept Payments From Listeners with Castos’ Stripe Integration

A Better Way To Monetize Your Podcast

The old way of monetizing your podcast via advertisements is a broken model and one that caters to the 1% of podcasters who have very large audiences. But for small to mid-sized podcasts, the CPM (cost per thousand) download metric of advertising is just not feasible to make real money as a podcaster.

Instead, the best way for modern podcasters to make money from their craft is through direct listener support. This is now possible natively in the Castos platform with our Stripe integration.

Stripe is the leading online payment processing platform, and is trusted by brands such as Uber, Shopify, and countless others to handle payments online. And now you can directly integrate Stripe payments with your podcast on Castos.

Add Private Subscribers

Automagically add new paying customers as Private Subscribers to your private podcasts.

Multiple Trigger Options

Use one of 6 different trigger options from Stripe to trigger actions in Castos’ Automations Engine.

Direct Connection

Zapier is amazing, and many of us use it all day every day, but there’s nothing like a direct connection to ensure data consistency.

All Your Tools Talking

Connecting your Stripe account to Castos means that customer activities can kick off any number of activities within your Castos account.

Stop Relying On Advertisers

You can make real money and realize the dream of becoming a full-time podcaster if you ditch the broken CPM ad-based model and move to a direct listener support model to make money podcasting.

How Does It Work?

If you’re already a Stripe user, connect your Stripe account to Castos. Not using Stripe yet, it’s entirely free, you can sign up for an account here.

Step 1

Connect With Stripe

Visit the Stripe integration page in your Castos dashboard and complete the one-click direct integration.

Step 2

Create Your First Product or Subscription

Within Stripe you can configure what you’re selling, whether it’s a one-time payment option or a recurring monthly subscription.

Step 3

Add Payment Link To Your website

Each Stripe Product comes with its own customized checkout page. Add that link to the navigation area of your website. You can do this on your own website, or right within Castos’ built-in website settings.

Step 4

[Optional, but awesome] Automate your private podcast

Now that your Stripe account is set up and you can accept payments from listeners you can use that payment activity as the trigger to add the new paying supporter as a Private Podcast Subscriber.

Step 5

Make Money From your content

Now you control your destiny as a creator and are not bound to the silly rules of the advertising world. Let your audience speak with their wallets about what content they like, and live the dream as a podcaster.

Log in to your Castos dashboard now to set up your connection with Stripe