Integrate Shopify with Castos

Turn Your Shopify Store Into A Private Podcasting Platform

When it comes to eCommerce, Shopify is the industry leader. And rightly so. With Shopify, you can build an extensible, powerful shopping experience for your potential customers. And Shopify doesn’t have to be just to deliver physical goods to customers. With powerful integrations like Castos, you can deliver digital assets to customers to deepen that relationship.

You can directly connect Shopify with Castos’ Private Podcasting engine to streamline the management of adding and removing Private Subscribers from any of your private podcasts.

Streamline your Private Podcast Subscriber management, while maintaining that native user experience that you already have within your WordPress site.

Add Private Subscribers

Automatically add customers as Private Subscribers to your private podcasts.

Multiple Customer Tiers

Choose one or multiple customer tiers to add Private Subscribers in Castos.

No Code Solution

Zapier is the glue that holds much of the internet together and Castos’ interation with Zapier is the no-code solution to extend your Shopify store.

Use Your Existing Workflow

Castos’ Shopify integration means you don’t have to alter how you set up your eCommerce store, payment provider, or checkout flow.

Remove Private Subscribers

If you have a recurring subscription product and someone cancels that subscription you can remove their access to your private podcast, all on autopilot.

How The Shopify Integration Works

If you’re currently using both Shopify and Castos, you can dynamically send new customers to Castos to add as Private Podcast Subscribers.

Step 1

Connect Shopify to Castos via Zapier

If you’ve already got a Shopify store connect it to your Zapier account as the Trigger source.

Step 2

Configure New Customer Trigger

Let Zapier know that you would like the New Customer event to begin this automation.

Step 3

Create a new Private Podcast in your Castos Dashboard

This will be a separate podcast from a regular, public podcast (if you have one). You can create as many podcasts as you’d like within a single Castos account

Step 4

Connect Your Castos account In Zapier

Let Zapier and Castos communicate about which private podcasts you have available, so you can automate the management of private subscribers.

Step 5

Your Private Podcast Is on autopilot

Now you have the addition and removal of Private Subscribers totally automated. Your new members will automatically be added to your Private Podcast in Castos and enjoy special members-only content.

Log in to your Castos dashboard now to set up your connection with Shopify