Automate Your Private Podcast With Castos’ ConvertKit Integration

Dynamically Manage Private Subscribers

ConvertKit is THE go-to tools for Creators to manage their communications with their audience and customers. It’s trusted by tens of thousands of authors, course owners, membership sites, and premium email newsletter owners as the central hub of everything having to do with their audience.

And now you can directly connect ConvertKit with Castos’ Private Podcasting to streamline the management of adding and removing Private Subscribers from any of your private podcasts.

Streamline your Private Subscriber management, without using yet-another tool or worrying about a third party integrator breaking down.

Add Private Subscribers

Automagically add new Private Subscribers to your private podcasts.

Multiple Trigger Options

Use one of 10 different trigger options from ConvertKit to add Private Subscribers in Castos.

Direct Connection

Zapier is amazing, and many of us use it all day every day, but there’s nothing like a direct connection to ensure data consistency.

Use Your Existing Workflow

Castos’ integration with ConvertKit means that you don’t have to alter how you set up tags, custom events, or purchases in your favorite marketing automation platform.

Remove Private Subscribers

If someone leaves your membership site or completes a course you can remove their access to your private podcast, all on autopilot.

How Does It Work?

If you’re currently using both ConvertKit and Castos, you can dynamically send ConvertKit tag, custom event, purchase, and subscriber data to Castos to add as Private Subscribers.

Step 1

Connect Your ConvertKit API Key

Enter your API Key and Secret. These can be found in your ConvertKit dashboard.

Step 2

Create Your First Automation

Set up any triggering action you’d like from ConvertKit to kick off an automation process.

Step 3

Choose which Private Podcast in Castos to add the new private subscriber to

Select which podcast this new Private Subscriber should have access to within Castos

Step 4

Set the automation as Active

Now that your first Automation is set up, time to turn it on and automate your Private Subscriber workflow.

Step 5

Your Private Podcast Is on autopilot

Now you have the addition and removal of Private Subscribers totally automated. From your one Source Of Truth in your favorite marketing automation platform direct to the home for your podcast.

Log in to your Castos dashboard now to set up your connection with ConvertKit