Integrate MemberPress with Castos

Turn Your Membership Site Into A Private Podcasting Platform

There’s nothing quite as powerful as community to build a really strong brand. If your website doesn’t have a membership element or community to it already it’s time to get serious about building one.

And when it comes to the best membership plugins for WordPress, MemberPress is often at the tops of peoples’ lists.

MemberPress is a powerful and extensible membership management plugin for WordPress that allows creators to build free or paid membership areas right within their WordPress site.

You can directly connect your MemberPress membership levels with Castos’ Private Podcasting engine to streamline the management of adding and removing Private Subscribers from any of your private podcasts.

Streamline your Private Podcast Subscriber management, while maintaining that native user experience that you already have within your WordPress site.

Add Private Subscribers

Automatically add customers as Private Subscribers to your private podcasts.

Multiple Membership Tiers

Choose one or multiple membership tiers to add Private Subscribers in Castos.

No Code Solution

No tools like Zapier to sit in the middle here, this is a direct integration between your WordPress site and the Castos hosting platform.

Use Your Existing Workflow

Castos’ MemberPress integration means you don’t have to change anything about membership levels, member communications, or pricing tiers.

Remove Private Subscribers

If you have a recurring subscription product and someone cancels that subscription you can remove their access to your private podcast, all on autopilot.

How The MemberPress Integration Works

If you’re currently using both MemberPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting by Castos on your WordPress site, you can automatically send new customers to Castos to add as Private Podcast Subscribers.

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Step 1

Create a new podcast in Seriously simple podcasting

If you’ve already got Seriously Simple Podcasting installed on your WordPress site, let’s create a new podcast that will be only for members.

create a new member only podcast

Step 2

Make The Podcast Private In Castos

The new podcast you just created in your WordPress site will automatically sync over to your Castos dashboard. Click on Settings -> Distribution to make that podcast Private in Castos.

Step 3

Create a Membership Level in MemberPress

If you already have a membership level defined you can use that, or create a new one that is for your private podcast.

Step 4

Map Membership Levels to Private Podcasts

Now it’s time to let Castos know which membership levels will be associated with which private podcasts in your Castos account.

Step 5

Your Private Podcast Is on autopilot

Now you have the addition and removal of Private Subscribers totally automated. Your new members will automatically be added to your Private Podcast in Castos and enjoy special members-only content.

For more details check out the full MemberPress setup guide in our creator knowledge hub.

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