Create Your Own Private Podcast

Last updated on February 3rd, 2020

Often times your podcast is designed to reach as many people as possible. It’s a form of content marketing in which you share your voice with a broad, but targeted audience.

However, there are times when a private podcast is what you need. There are lots of reasons why you might want to make your podcast private, and we’ll dig into these scenarios below, but for now, we’re excited to announce that Private Podcasts are available for all Castos users.

What Is A Private Podcast?

As the name suggests a Private Podcast is a podcast that isn’t readily available to the general public.

With conventional podcasts you want to put all of your episodes online, and in directories like Apple Podcast or Spotify. Whereas with a Private Podcast, you want to limit who has access to your content.

From a technical perspective in Castos, this means that none of your podcast episodes will be available on your show’s podcast page (i.e. the site).

This also means your RSS feed isn’t listed anywhere online and only you know the URL.

Why Would You Want To Make A Podcast Private?

You might want to create a private podcast because the information within your show is sensitive and should only be available to certain people. Or you want to limit access to your material to members of a group you manage, employees, or because you don’t want your show “out in the world” and instead only share it with a specific audience.

The most common uses for private podcasts include corporate training courses, e-learning offerings, and premium content subscriptions. Anytime you have episodes that are only meant for a certain subset of your audience, private podcasting will allow you to restrict access and distribute the content as you see fit.

How Does Private Podcasting Work In Castos?

Within your Castos dashboard, you can configure the availability of your podcast content via the Settings area for each podcast you manage.

By default, all Podcasts are set to have their Castos Pages publicly available. But just a click of a button toggles this setting to OFF, which hides every episode for that show.

If you’re using our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin, you can create a Private Podcast using a membership plugin. We suggest Paid Memberships Pro for its ease of use and customizable settings. Upload new episodes using Seriously Simple Podcasting then apply membership settings to restrict your content to certain audiences.

How Can I Get Started With Your Private Podcast?

To begin exploring how a Private Podcast works, log into your Castos dashboard and on the Podcasts page click Settings.

From there scroll down to the “Web Page Settings” area. There you will see an option to “Show Castos Pages”.

This is the setting where you can decide to either show or not show your episodes on your “” site.

By default this is set to feature your episodes on your podcast page. By turning this setting off, you’re opting to hide your podcast content and not make it publicly available on your podcast page.

When using Private Podcasting, your RSS feed will still be live and active. You can find the feed URL in the “Distribution” area on the Settings page.

If episodes are hidden from your podcast page, the only way listeners can subscribe to your show is via the RSS feed link. You can share this feed link with those that you want to listen to your show, and they can use it to subscribe to your Private Podcast in the podcasting app of their choice.

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