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Set Your Podcast On Autopilot
With Castos Productions

Castos Productions takes the hard work of post production off of your hands, leaving you free to grow your show and connect with your audience.

Our podcast editing service is staffed by our own team of seasoned audio engineers, talented show note writers, and producers take care of every aspect of your podcast after you record an episode.

We’re proud to be able to help fans of The Podcast Host to create great podcasts together.

Here Are Just A Few Shows We Produce

How Castos Productions Works

Record Your Episode

Do the thing only you are uniquely able to do: create engaging content for your audience.

Send Us The Files

Share those raw recordings with our team and we take care of the rest from there.

Fully Managed Production Process

Our team professionally mixes the raw files, crafts engaging show notes, and creates custom marketing assets.

Ready To Publish

We upload the finished episode and show notes right in your Castos dashboard, ready for you to hit publish.

See It In Action

We Take Care Of Everything

Complete audio engineering of your recordings. We take out all the umms, ahhs, awkward pauses and mis-speakings, then do professional grade mastering of each episode.

Engaging social media assets are a key part of growing your audience. Giving you both Tweetable Quotes and Audiograms ready-to-publish makes increasing your listenership all too easy.

Writing compelling, helpful, and insightful show notes is a big part of drawing your audience back to your website. This also makes a huge SEO impact for your podcast.

Publishing your episodes directly to your Castos dashboard and WordPress site puts the entire production process on autopilot.

Full quality check on every episode. Before an episode goes back to you, we give the entire thing a thorough 15 Step Quality Review to ensure everything is perfect.

We help track your podcast analytics, and your rankings within your categories. These customized performance reports give you peace of mind how your show stacks up with the competition, every month.

Unique Packages Designed To Fit Your Needs

Podcast edit
  • Per-episode pricing
  • Professional Audio Mixing Of Intro/Outro, Music, Ads, and Transitions
  • Removal Of Unwanted Ums, Ahs, And Misspeakings
  • Complete Audio Engineering
  • ID3 Keyword Tagging For SEO
  • Written Show Notes With Links
  • Tweetable Quotes For Social Media
  • Featured Image (Square and Rectangular formats)
  • Publish To Your Website and Hosting Platform
Transcript add-on
  • Per-episode pricing
  • Full human generated transcription
  • 99+% Accuracy
  • Great for SEO and Accessibility
Video add-on
  • Per-episode pricing
  • Video Episode Editing
  • Upload & Posting to Your YouTube Channel
  • Includes Lower Thirds and Animations You Provide

What You Can Expect

Entrusting your post-production work to someone else is no small matter. We know this from our almost 5 years of experience handling some of the most popular podcasts we all know and love.

We’ve learned first hand what makes a great podcast, and what doesn’t. Our podcast editing service will guide you in content strategy, audio recording techniques, promotional tactics, and take care of the production of your show, week-in, and week-out.

Here’s An Example Of Our Work

This is a before and after clip from one of the shows we produce


How long does it take to turn around each episode?

Our full service offerings (Concierge Package and Complete Solution) take a full week to complete, including time for your review and a round of revisions. So if you want to publish every Tuesday we need the files by the previous Tuesday. The Pro Audio Editing takes just 72 hours to return to you.

How much control do I have around the editing process?

As much as you’d like. We have some customers who send us files and we go to work. Others send us detailed content editing notes for each episode. It just depends on how much you need each episode to be produced, and how conversational you want it to sound.

Will I have a chance to review the finished episode before it’s published?

Absolutely, we’re big fans of open communication. It’s a big part of our production process and our promise to help you maintain creative control. Each episode is sent back to you well ahead of the target publish date so you can listen to the audio and check out the show notes. If you have any revisions, we’ll turn those around same-day.

What are some examples of other podcasts you produce?

Great question! Here are just a few examples of podcasts that our team currently produces:

  • Bootstrapped Web
  • The Startup Chat
  • Flippening Podcast by Nomics
  • Actionable Marketing Podcast by CoSchedule
  • Science of Social media by Buffer

Why do I need a podcast editing service?

While you can certainly do the audio editing, show note writing, creation of marketing assets, and all the other tiny details that go into creating a fantastic podcast episode the reality is you likely have other things you “should” be spending your time on. Entrusting your show’s post-production to a team of specialists is the surefire way to get more leverage out of your podcast, and your time.

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