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Castos Productions, the same team you may have known from PodcastMotor, is a full-service podcast editing service. Our team takes the hard work of post-production off of your hands, leaving you free to grow your show and connect with your audience.

Our podcast editing service is staffed by our own team of seasoned audio engineers, talented show note writers, and producers who take care of every aspect of your podcast after you record an episode.

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We take care of EVERYTHING

Audio editing

Complete audio engineering of your recordings. We take out all the umms, ahhs, awkward pauses and mis-speakings, then do professional grade mastering of each episode.

Boost your show

Engaging social media assets are a key part of growing your audience. Giving you both Tweetable Quotes and Audiograms ready-to-publish makes increasing your listenership all too easy.

Show notes

Writing compelling, helpful, and insightful show notes is a big part of drawing your audience back to your website. This also makes a huge SEO impact for your podcast.


Publishing your episodes directly to your Castos dashboard and WordPress site puts the entire production process on autopilot.

Quality control

Full quality check on every episode. Before an episode goes back to you, we give the entire thing a thorough 15 Step Quality Review to ensure everything is perfect.

Show stats

We help track your podcast analytics, and your rankings within your categories. These customized performance reports give you peace of mind how your show stacks up with the competition, every month.

Audio Editing Services

Standard Editing
  • per-episode
  • A great sounding podcast is just around the corner. This package includes:
  • – Mixing of up to 4 separate tracks
  • – Professional audio engineering, including leveling, EQ, noise-reduction, and normalization.
  • – Remove filler words and dead space in episodes.
  • – 1 revision included
  • – 2 business day turnaround time
Premium Editing
  • per-episode
  • Give your show that little extra love. Everything included in Standard Editing plus…
  • – Personalized removal of Umms, Ahhs, pauses, misspeakings
  • – Contextual Editing: Embedding Ads, Sound Effects, and other audio clips you provide for each episode.
  • – 2 revisions included
  • – 3 business day turnaround time
Custom Editing
  • per-episode
  • For those who want to go all out and create a truly incredible listening experience. Everything included in Premium Editing plus:
  • – Custom sound design: sourcing and editing intro/outro music, transition segments, and sound effects.
  • – Dedicated account manager
  • – Unlimited revisions
  • – 5 business day turnaround time

Marketing Packages Available

Standard Marketing Bundle
  • per-episode
  • – Standard show notes
  • – 2 Quote cards
  • – Square and Rectangular featured image for each episode
  • – Publishing to website and hosting platform
  • – 2 day turnaround time in addition to audio
Enhanced Marketing Bundle
  • per-episode
  • – Enhanced show notes
  • – 4 Quote Cards
  • – 1 Audiogram (30-60 seconds)
  • – Square and Rectangular featured image for each episode
  • – Publishing to website and hosting platform
  • – 3 day turnaround time in addition to audio
Video Editing
  • per-episode
  • – Video Episode Editing
  • Upload & Posting to Your YouTube Channel
  • – Includes Lower Thirds and Animations You Provide
  • – 3 day turnaround time in addition to Audio

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Looking for more for your show?

Narrative Style Podcasts

Not just “yet another” podcast with two people talking. Create an audio adventure for your listeners with a Narrative style podcast. You don’t need to be NPR to sound this great. We can help!

Podcast-In-A-Box Launch Packages

Skip the hard part of getting a new show started with a completely guided walkthrough of the entire setup, launch, and creation process. Everything is done for you.

Dedicated Producer For Your Show

If you really want to take your show to the next level working with a producer is the surest way to tell a better story and create that binge-worthy podcast your listeners are looking for.

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Need creative help starting a show from scratch?

In addition to ongoing our podcast editing service, we offer creative producers to help guide you through the initial ideas of a branded podcast while overseeing the entire process for your company. Drop in your name and email above, and ask us how!