Create A Podcast For Your Sales Team

Your sales team is suffering from a lack of information and a lack of connectedness.

Yes, even those star performers who are consistently above plan…they need more high-quality information to become better producers.

But sadly these best practices and that ‘tribal knowledge’ of our star performers are siloed and unavailable for the rest of the team to access:

  • Email is not the solution for this.
  • We’re all on too many Zoom calls already.
  • And webinars require you to be in-person at a dedicated time to consume the content.

What if there were a solution that your sales teams could consume on the go, on-demand (when it’s convenient for them) and you as sales leaders can push our easily and whenever new information is ready to be shared?

A podcast for your sales team is just that.

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Sharing New Messaging Best Practices

Let your star performers share their secret to success and level up everyone on your team.

Reduce Email and Zoom Burden

We all get too many emails and are on too many video calls. Break up the monotony and give your teams a new way to consume updates.

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More Quickly Onboard New Reps

Get new members of your team productive and earning quicker and easier. An onboarding podcast for new reps does this easily and on autopilot for you.

Bring the Latest Corporate and Product News

Deliver the latest from corporate leadership, product and services updates, and the latest messaging from marketing teams.

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Why Castos

Castos is uniquely able to provide you with the technical and practical solutions you need to deliver a high-quality internal company podcast to your sales teams.

Securely deliver sensitive content with confidence

Built in, done-for-you production team

Bring your teams together in an new and engaging way

Engagement metrics across each podcast

Customizable user and role parameters

Bring the corporate messaging to your teams

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