Castos Productions: Affordable Podcast Editing From Your Dashboard

Last updated on June 23rd, 2020

Castos Productions: Affordable Podcast Editing From Your Dashboard

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When we talk to our customers, podcast editing is often the most intimidating part of podcasting. It’s technical, a more laborious process, and it’s hard to know when you’re done. With the importance of consistently publishing new episodes, there are a few podcast editing methods to choose from.

Some some, purchasing podcast editing software and using a DIY approach is best. An option for beginners and veterans, doing the editing yourself takes more time. There’s a learning curve to understand the software, self-educating on how to mix and master audio files, and having to critique your own work before publishing an episode.

For others, hiring a podcast editing service is their way to focus on producing quality content while someone else takes care of the professional sound. They hire a professional podcast production service, send their raw files, and receive a fully edited episode. There are many podcast editing services out there but there’s one that makes it easy, affordable, and gives you full control over the final product.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Castos Productions. Our solution to podcast editing that lives right in your dashboard.

In this article, we’ll review the ins and outs of podcast editing whether you choose the DIY approach or use Castos Productions. From what files you need before you start editing, ways to make the process easier, to why podcasters decide to use a professional production service.

A Checklist Of What You Need Before You Start Editing A Podcast

Podcast editing is an intricate process. Whether you’re mastering the audio file yourself or using a podcast production company, these are the audio files you need handy to get started:

  1. Separate audio tracks: the episode audio files from your podcast specific recording tool, like Squadcast or Adobe Audition. Use separate tracks for everyone being recorded.
  2. Intro and outro segments: use the same version for each episode or customize it per episode.
  3. Music: use it within your intro, outro, and main segments of your podcast.
  4. Host-read advertisements: any sponsor messages that you need to include within the episode.

Recording Tips To Make Editing Easier

Our biggest piece of advice to make editing your podcast easier is to start thinking about it during the recording. Capturing high quality audio from the start will reduce the time it takes to produce a final episode.

The first foundational piece to get started purchasing a podcasting microphone and recording in an optimal location. Believe it not, for those without a sound studio the best place is in your closet. Next is perfecting good microphone techniques. This takes practice but it’s best to capture audio where you don’t have to go back and remove the extra plosives.

Why Podcasters Use Podcast Editing Services

Whether you’re just starting a podcast or already regularly produce one, many podcasters are weary of investing money in services they don’t need. There are a lot of companies that help people create great content but you should figure out which are worth the expense.

Podcasters look to podcast editing services for two main reasons. The first is a guarantee the finished episodes will sound professional to compete with similar shows in their niche. Even if your content is unique and interesting, it’s difficult to grab a listener’s attention with amateur recordings. For podcasters who want to sound like This American Life, hiring a professional editing service is the best way to get there.

During their interview, the hosts of the Ladybug Podcast mentioned hiring Podcast Motor as a crucial part of their success. Offloading their editing process to audio engineers and publishing professional episodes helped legitimize their show from the start.

The second important factor is time. When recording a 30 minute episode, it can take podcasters upwards of 5 hours to create the finished product. The time spent editing a podcast can be a frustrating process, especially for those without backgrounds in audio. With an editing service, that time can be spent preparing new episodes, writing detailed show notes, or pitching new guests to appear on the show.

Another added bonus of hiring a production service is many provide more than just podcast editing support. Many offer show notes, marketing assets to promote each episode, and automatically publish to a hosting platform.

What You Can Expect From Castos Productions

Castos Productions is a done-for-you, podcast editing and production service built right into your Castos dashboard.

We have a team of audio engineers and producers who have been in the industry for over five years. Clients like James Altucher, CoSchedule, and Buffer used the beta version of Castos Productions to free up their time for the more enjoyable parts of podcasting.

Here’s a sneak peak at what a before and after snippet from one of our shows sounds like:

The goal with our podcast editing and production service is to help those not interested in becoming amateur audio engineers. Using Castos Productions

Getting started with Castos Productions looks like this:

  1. Record the episode’s audio segments, remember the checklist above.
  2. Log into your Castos dashboard and upload each file under the “Add Episodes” section from the main dashboard. You can upload as many files as you’d like to this section.
  3. Include editing notes for our team and send the files from the dashboard.
  4. Our team mixes and masters the files to produce the final episode. If your plan includes show notes, transcriptions, and marketing assets, we’ll create those too.
  5. We’ll upload the finished products to your dashboard. You’ll receive an email notification that your final assets are ready.
  6. If you have any edits or notes, our team will turn those around within ~24 hours and re-upload the new files to your dashboard for your review.
  7. Once satisfied, approve the episode and it’ll automatically be published to each podcast listening app.

Affordable Editing Options Per Episode

Castos Productions offers three levels of services depending on your podcast editing needs. The best part is, the services are per episode so you don’t have to commit to a subscription. When you purchase a package, we’ll bill you on a monthly basis.

Our Pro Audio Editing services take 72 hours to turnaround a finalized episode. Whereas the Concierge Package and Complete Solution services take one week.

Learn more about Castos Productions and see how easy it can be to put your podcast on autopilot.

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