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Your Commonly Asked Questions

Castos Productions takes all of the hard work of the post production process off your hands, leaving you free to grow your show and connect with your audience.

Here are the most common questions that customers have when getting started with Castos Productions

How does the review process work?

We will provide you back with the finished audio file, show notes, and marketing assets for you to review. If you have anything you want to change just let us know via email.

How many rounds of revisions can I request?

We will always work with you until you’re 100% satisfied with an episode. But, the limiting factor with that is typically that more revisions mean more time which could delay the release of your episode. Our goal (for both you and our team) is to limit to one round of revisions per episode.

How long can episodes be?

We assume that episodes will be between 20 and 60 minutes recorded length. Much more than that and there may be a slight price adjustment up to cover our additional time spent on each episode.

What do the show notes look like?

Here are just a few examples of the show notes that we produce for our existing clients:

I just recorded an episode and it sounds like I’m inside a trashcan…can you save me?

Our team of audio engineers are amazing, but unfortunately, they still abide by the laws of physics.

The best way to get the ultra-high quality audio you’re looking for in the end is to record high quality audio in the beginning. Then our team makes things sound THAT much better.

We can do a lot with a bad recording, but it may have its limits.

How much does it cost?

The episodes are $175 per episode, or $699/month for weekly episodes. This includes:

  • Complete professional grade Audio editing
  • Show note writing complete resources mentioned and links
  • 2-3 Audiogram creation
  • 2-3 Tweetable quotes
  • Publishing to your Castos account
  • Analytics and Rankings tracking each month
What is the Productions team like?

The Castos Productions team is comprised of 4 groups:

  • Production Management – Currently we have 3 people just looking after the scheduling and communication between our editors/writers, and our clients
  • Audio Engineers – We have 6 full-time audio engineers who have extensive backgrounds in the radio and music industries.
  • Show Note Writers – Some of the best wordsmiths we know. Our writing team listens back to each episode to craft the show notes.
  • Transcriptionists – We have a full staff of transcriptionists who manually (i.e. not with software) transcribe episodes by hand.
How do you handle content edits?

By default our audio team will take out all of the obvious mis-speaking errors, umms, ahhs, awkward pauses, etc. But, if you have pieces of content you’d like to remove from an episode just send that information to us via email when you submit your episode.

Audio cues are a great way to do this too. If you say something wrong in the recording just say “Hey Castos team, please take that last part out”, and we’ll take care of it.

What is included in the free episode?

Everything. We’ll take care of the audio editing, show note writing, marketing asset creation, and publish the episode for you.

All we need are the audio assets for your show and we’ll take it from there.

I’m just starting out, can you help me launch my show too?

Absolutely, we have a complete launch package that includes:

  • Content planning and strategy session
  • Podcasting microphone and recording setup delivered straight to you
  • First 3 episodes fully produced, and ready to launch
  • Cover art, voiceovers, and royalty free music sourcing 
  • Launch strategy and planning session with our founder
What languages are the services available in?

Currently we support both English and Spanish language production. If you have another language you’d like to suggest please let us know.

How Castos Productions Works

Record Your Episode

Do the thing only you are uniquely able to do: Create Engaging Content for your audience.

Send Us The Files

Share those raw recordings with our team and we take care of the rest from there.

Fully Managed Production Process

Our team takes care of audio editing, show note writing, and creating marketing materials for your show.

Ready To Publish

We deliver the finished media files and show notes for you right in your Castos dashboard, ready to publish.

podcast outsourcing options

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