Creating an audio experience w/ Eric Nuzum

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Creating an audio experience w/ Eric Nuzum

Technology is only good if it solves a problem. In the case of podcasting it definitely does solve problems. It’s basically broken down all major barriers to access when it comes to creating and distributing your audio.

But creating a good podcast is so much more than simply choosing the right microphones, the best software and distributing an RSS Feed. To make a good podcast, you need to create an audio experience, ideally an experience that is unique to your show. 

Eric Nuzum is an expert in doing that. At NPR he helped bring to life shows like the TED Radio Hour and has worked on bringing shows like ‘Fresh Air’ and ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!’ into podcasting. He was also vital in the creation of the critically acclaimed podcast,  Invisibilia. Eric is the founder of Magnificent Noise, a podcast, audio and creative consulting company. 


Magnificent Noise :  maginifcintnoise.com 

The Ted Radio Hour:  npr.org/podcasts/ted-radio-hour

Invisibilia:  npr.org/podcasts/invisibilia

Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel:  whereshouldwebegin.eshterperel.com 

Connect with Eric on LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/ericnuzum

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