Creative Architects – Season 1 Recap

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Creative Architects
Creative Architects
Creative Architects - Season 1 Recap

In this installment of Creative Architects, Angela looks back at the 12 episodes of Season 1 and gives an overview of what worked and what didn’t, statistics on views and downloads, and some plans in the works for Season 2 in 2024.

The Creative Architects podcast is brought to you by Castos Productions, and hosted by Angela Hollowell – a visual storyteller and creative producer with a passion for the outdoors, human rights, and creative entrepreneurship. Angela is also the host of the Honey & Hustle video podcast. Creative Architects is a space where thought leaders in the creator economy who have taken their success to the next level. Join us to hear their stories and connect.

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Discussion Points:

  • Statistics from the podcast in 2023 – views and follows, etc.
  • Keeping the podcast to 20-30 mins
  • Format experiment – short video clips
  • Introducing Angela to a new audience
  • Youtube views and custom thumbnails
  • Thank you for your support!


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