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Podcasts Are Available On Pandora–Here’s How To Submit Your Show to Pandora Podcasts

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A key way to grow your podcast is to make it available wherever listeners prefer to consume podcast episodes. That’s why we recommend submitting your show to every podcast directory you can, including Pandora Podcasts. If you’ve ever wondered how to submit a podcast to Pandora, you’re in the right place.

According to Pandora’s parent company, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Pandora had 63.1 million listeners at the end of 2019. This makes it a tremendous opportunity to expose your show to a massive audience. 

But isn’t Pandora only for music? Not anymore! Now podcasters can submit their content for Pandora users to discover.


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You Can Now Submit and Listen to Podcasts on Pandora Podcasts

In November 2019, Pandora rolled out one of their most exciting updates available to all users: a Pandora podcast submission process. Now anyone can submit a podcast to Pandora and listen to their favorite shows on Pandora’s website and mobile apps, as well as their new desktop app for Windows and Mac users.

Since launching last year, Pandora’s rich catalog of podcasts has increased over 5x to now boast thousands of shows and over 600,000 episodes across a broad range of genres including Daily News, Comedy, True Crime, Sports & Recreation, Music, Fiction & Drama, and many others.

Pandora Blog

What makes Pandora unique is its ability to recommend podcast episodes for each user. Its Podcast Genome Project (an offshoot of its Music Genome Project) uses a combination of algorithms and human curation to deliver hyper-personalized podcast recommendations based on more than 1,500 signals. 

Pandora doesn’t just recommend podcast shows. It recommends individual episodes based on user tastes. This makes it a fantastic opportunity to expose your show to new listeners. They don’t have to request your show. It will simply appear in their feed. This major benefit is why many of our users have asked us how to submit a podcast to Pandora.

Pandora made its podcast library available to select users in 2018. They started with 100,000 episodes, but that has since grown to 600,000 episodes. Now that podcasts are available for all users, we expect it to grow tremendously, so you’ll want to submit your show as soon as possible. 

Pandora Podcast Submission: A Step-By-Step Guide On Submitting to Pandora Podcasts

To help you take advantage of this new pool of listeners, we’ll walk you through the steps of adding your show to Pandora Podcasts. Follow these steps to complete your Pandora podcast submission.

Step 1: Open a Pandora account

You’ll need a Pandora account to submit a podcast to Pandora’s engine. Visit the account creation page to get started. If you already have an account, you can skip this step (though many podcasters prefer to use a separate account for their show if they also use Pandora for personal use).

open account for pandora podcasts

Step 2: Find your RRS feed 

Like most podcast directories, Pandora will use your RSS feed to bring your podcast content into their library. Whenever you publish a new episode, Pandora will grab it via your RSS feed.

To find your RSS feed, visit the Podcasts List page of your Castos dashboard. Click settings near the podcast you want to submit to Pandora. 

pandora podcasts castos settings

On the settings page, open the distribution tab. Copy the URL next to “Podcast RSS feed.”

find your podcast's RSS feed

While you’re in your Castos account, it’s a good time to make sure your title, description, and cover image are accurate. Pandora will use these details as well. If you don’t use Castos to host your podcast, you’ll have to follow the instructions on your hosting platform to find your RSS feed. 

Step 3: Submit your RSS feed to Pandora Podcasts

Once you have your RSS feed copied to your clipboard, visit Pandora’s podcast submission page. Paste in your RSS feed link and click “Next.”

submit your podcast RSS feed URL

Step 4: Edit your podcast’s details

Your next step is to confirm your show’s details to make sure Pandora reads your feed properly. 

pandora podcasts details

If something doesn’t look right, confirm that it’s set up correctly in your Castos dashboard. You can also use a validator like Podbase to find the error. 

Additionally, you’ll need to fill out a short form to give Pandora more information about your show. Pandora will use this data to recommend your show to its listeners.

  • Playback Order – This refers to how your show is designed to be consumed. “Episodic” means each episode stands on its own. “Serial” means they should be consumed in a particular order.
  • Freshness – This tells Pandora whether your episodes are related to events. Select “evergreen” if your episodes are unrelated to time or events. Select “timely” if your episodes incorporate current events or time-based topics (like news stories). 
  • MPAA Rating – Just like you have to choose “clean” or “explicit” in Apple Podcasts, Pandora wants to understand your show’s content. Choose “G” if it’s okay for kids, “PG” if your show uses clean, family-friendly language, “PG-13” if your show is for mature audiences, “R” for explicit content, and “NC-17” for material that’s only appropriate for people over 17 years old. 
  • Branding – Choose “Yes” if your entire brand is financially supported by another company, then submit its name in the next field. If you don’t serve ads or your advertisers support individual episodes, select “No.”
  • Average Downloads per Episode – Insert the number of downloads each episode gets within the first 30 days on average. You can find this in your podcast analytics in your Castos dashboard. If you don’t have an exact number, just estimate something.
  • Total Downloads – Tell Pandora the total number of downloads your show has received from U.S. listeners in the last 12 months. 
  • Podcast Ad Sales – Select “Yes” if you want Pandora to contact you about selling ads in your podcast. Select “No” if you aren’t interested. (We recommend choosing yes. You never know what they might offer and you can always turn it down.)
  • Podcast Social Feeds – Submit links to your social media accounts. 

Step 5: Verify ownership of your podcast

In order to submit a podcast to Pandora, you’ll need to provide a few details about yourself in case Pandora has to verify your ownership. Simply insert your email address, phone number, and a referral code if you have one to complete this part of the Pandora podcast submission process.

pandora podcasts ownership details

Step 5: Acknowledge Pandora Podcasts’ legal agreements

On the next page, select the checkboxes to acknowledge that you understand Pandora’s terms of use and privacy policy. Type your name under “Confidential Information Nondisclosure Agreement” and fill out the short form beneath “RSS Approval and Grant of Rights.”

Click “Submit” and you have successfully submitted your show to Pandora Podcasts!

pandora podcasts success page

Step 6: Wait four to six weeks

Unlike most platforms and directories, the Pandora podcast submission team reviews each new show manually. This can take four to six weeks, although many podcasters report that it happens much quicker. 

Pandora will send you an email once your show is approved. It will be available for Pandora users at that time. You can also see the status of your submission in your Pandora account.

pandora podcasts submission page


As you can see, submitting your show to Pandora Podcasts is pretty simple. We strongly recommend submitting as soon as possible because it takes time for Pandora to approve your show. If you haven’t already, make sure to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Google Play Music.

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