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Take the guaranteed sure path to launch a successful podcast.

Castos’ Express Launch Service combines done-for-you RSS feed setup with a 1:1, real-time coaching session. For just $199, you get expert guidance from a veteran podcaster while we take over the time-consuming work of getting your show published on the major listening platforms.

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There are so many unanswered questions when you’re launching a new podcast: when to launch, how many episodes to launch with, how to submit to the major distribution directories like Apple and Spotify, and how to think about promoting your new show.

In the end, it can be just too daunting, and for that reason, many new podcasters quit before they even get started.

At Castos, we understand this and want to help.

Our Express Podcast Launch Service is designed to help get new podcasters over their first hurdle of getting a new show live and out into the world.


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Working with the Castos team to guide us through the setup and launch of our podcast saved us weeks of work and tons of potential headaches.

Andy Baldacci

What’s included?

One-time cost of $199

Our Express Launch service has two main components: a real-time 1:1 coaching workshop, and RSS feed setup + listening platform distribution.

1-on-1 Strategy Session

When you leave this workshop session you’ll be ready to go out and record your first episodes with confidence.

During this call, you’ll get direct access to one of our veteran podcasters to ask all those burning questions you’ve been dying to get answers to.

This is by far the most valuable service we offer because it shortcuts the learning curve of all new podcasters.

RSS Feed and Distribution Setup

The painful part of podcasting is figuring out what the heck an RSS feed is (and why you should even care), and how to get your show live on all of the major listening platforms.

Our team takes 100% of that work off your plate so you can focus on creating great content and engaging with your new audience.

We will create and optimize your RSS feed and submit it to the 7 most popular podcasting platforms on your behalf.

Looking for podcast production services?

While our Express Launch Service is a great option for getting a new show up and running, we offer additional services for end-to-end podcast content creation, including recording and editing. Learn more about Castos’ professional podcast production services.

Get personalized, 1:1 help in successfully launching your podcast.

Castos’ Express Launch service answers all of those lingering questions you have about your new show and takes care of setting up your podcast distribution so you can back to creating more content.
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