Marketing your podcast among 2 million available shows

Last updated on March 18th, 2021

Marketing your podcast among 2 million available shows

2020 brought explosive growth to podcasting, but how can you stand out OR at the very least, build a structure around marketing your show? Recording & publishing a podcast is merely the first step. It is all the things you do around the show which will help it achieve its potential.

Today’s episode is almost like a mini crash course in podcasting and marketing. No matter if you’re new to podcasting or if you’ve been around the block a few times, sometimes it is important to be reminded of the fundamentals. Matt talks about everything from changing your mindset, to the fundamental parts of marketing your podcast, to making the back-end operations easier using tools and streamlining your process.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • Chapter 1: The explosive growth of podcasting
  • Chapter 2: Changing your mindset:
    • Consistency plus audience
    • Evolve your premise over time
    • Choose a goal
  • Chapter 3: The fundamental parts to marketing podcast
    • Website or a landing page
    • Build an email list and subscribe list 
    • Attaching a blog to your website
  • Chapter 4: Working toward additional content
    • Uploading to YouTube with audio-only or unique videos
    • Building a community around your podcast
      • Discord server
      • Facebook group
    • Live-streaming and social audio to push interaction with your listeners
  • Chapter 5: Promotional pieces
    • Highlight clips or audiograms
    • Changing headlines in LinkedIn
    • Guest appearing on other shows 
  • Chapter 6: Back-of-the-house operations
    • Software that handles repetitive operations
      • Booking guests (Savvy Cal)
    • Press kits
    • Make sure guests share the content
  • Chapter 7: The wrap-up
    • Find a process that works
    • Assess your goals and processes


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