Multiple Podcast Support now available

Today we are excited to release a feature that many of you have been asking about. And along with our Spotify integration, we’re happy to share with you today that you can now create multiple podcasts from a single Castos hosting account.

Our Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin users have been able to create multiple podcasts (called Series) for a while now, but with this update now if you’re managing your podcast content via your Castos dashboard you can create multiple podcasts there as well.

Next time you log into your Castos dashboard you’ll notice a few changes to the layout and information you see.

The first is that the Episodes list has now been replaced by a Podcast page.

If you’re using WordPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting to manage your podcast contents you’ll see a page like this:

If you’re using Castos alone to manage your podcast you’ll see that first podcast you created like this:

Here you’ll find your original podcast, and a chance to create a new podcast if you’d like to add a second/third/eighteenth show to your account.

Also on this page, if you click on the podcast you will see a list of Episodes that are associated with that Podcast.

So now all Episodes will be associated with a Podcast, and it only seems to reason (to us) that you would access your list of Episodes for a given Podcast from that Podcast’s page.

Syncing your WordPress based Series data with Castos Podcasts

If you’re using WordPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting to manage your podcast content and have multiple Series there we’ve got a handy importer for you to bring all of that Series data into your Castos dashboard.

This syncing tool will also associate all of your existing podcast episodes that already reside in WordPress to their respective Podcast in Castos.

To do this all we’ll need is the URL of the WordPress site where you’re managing your podcast. You can enter this in the Podcast Settings tab of the My Account page in your Castos dashboard:

And then click the ‘Update Podcast Info’ button to begin that process.

Depending on the # of episodes you have, etc. this may take a few minutes, but you should soon see all of the podcast data for each of your WordPress created Series in your Castos dashboard as separate Podcasts.

Once all of your WordPress created Series have been synced into your Castos dashboard you can follow the same process we described above to submit your podcast to Spotify.

We’ve got a complete walkthrough of submitting your podcast to Spotify as well and you can find it in our Support area here.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the multiple podcast functionality inside your Castos dashboard as well as our direct Spotify integration.

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