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Top-Rated WordPress Plugin

If you’re just getting into podcasting or are already a veteran podcaster this is the best tool available to help you create and manage your podcast, right from inside the WordPress dashboard you know and love.

With more than 20,000 active installs and over 160 5-star reviews in WordPress.org Seriously Simple Podcasting is one of the most popular podcasting plugins for WordPress.

One Click Imports

Easily bring all of your podcast content into your WordPress site with our one-click imports.

Free to use to all Seriously Simple Podcasting users this is a great way to migrate an existing show into WordPress.

Unlimited Podcasting For One Price

With Castos hosting powering your podcast you’ll never have to worry about storage limits, pricing penalties because of increased listenership, or annoying add-ons to get the audio quality you want.

Just the most powerful podcast hosting solution for WordPress, without any of the fuss.

Unmatched Audience Insights

Seeing who is listening, and where, has never been easier with our best-in-class podcast analytics. We give you location, device type, even playback duration for each episode.

These enhanced podcast analytics will give you the information you need to find out what content is most popular with your audience.

Enhanced Player Experience

Choose how you want your listeners to experience your podcast with specific players and shortcodes. You can even embed Spotify podcasts with the new Gutenberg embed block.

This plugin does the business for any Podcast – powerful, full featured, and, as the name suggests, simple to use. Plus, they offer amazing support – listening to his users & adding features as a result.

Colin Gray
The Podcast Host

See Seriously Simple Podcasting And Castos In Action

The best way to manage your podcast from your WordPress site

Manage Multiple Shows

Create multiple separate podcasts, each with their own feed, from within one WordPress site. Our podcast Series let you easily create your own Podcast Network.

Better SEO Management

With all of your content in one place, it is easier to create links between podcasts, blog posts, and other types of content on your site. This is a huge win for SEO purposes.

Convient Workflow

No more managing multiple platforms and publishing your episodes different places. Now everything can be done right from the WordPress dashboard you know and love.

Free Add Ons

Seriously Simple Podcasting is extensible to meet your every need. Genesis Support, Embedded Transcripts, Media Player Customization, and Featured Speaker Boxes give you everything you need to manage your podcast.

Integrated Statistics

See which episodes are performing well and what your audience really enjoys listening to. We break it down by episode, and show you the best performing episodes of all time. Do more of what’s working, and less of what’s not. Your audience will love you for it.

Dedicated Hosting Platform

Host your podcast files securely on Castos, a CDN powered distribution platform built specifically for Seriously Simple Podcasting users.

Here are just a few podcasts already running on Seriously Simple Podcasting and Castos

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