Seriously Simple Stats

So you love using Seriously Simple Podcasting to broadcast your content? Well, now you can enjoy the plugin’s simplicity while also gathering useful and extensive stats about how people are engaging with your inevitably brilliant content.

Seriously Simple Stats offers integrated analytics for your podcast, giving you access to incredibly useful information about who is listening to your podcast and how they are accessing it.

Primary Features

  • Track listen counts for every episode
  • View detailed stats for your podcast
  • See a quick overview of your most recent stats at a glance
  • Narrow stats down to view data specific to any episode or series
  • Access stats for any selected date range
  • Find out exactly which of your episodes are the most popular
  • Find out how people are listening to your content
  • Automatically detect crawlers/bots to prevent false stats

Check out the screenshots for a better idea of what stats you can expect.