Manage All Your Podcast Ads with Adbarker

Updating ads on your existing podcast library doesn’t have to be a painful, manual process

The days of stitching in audio by hand for each of your past episodes are over. Now there’s a better way to update your already-published back catalog of episodes to let your listeners know about what’s new on each episode.

AdBarker is great for podcasters who want to include preroll, midroll, or postroll clips to their audiences.

Here’s just a few examples of where we’ve seen AdBarker be hugely effective:

  • Personal brands who want to let their listeners know about a new project they’re starting on
  • Church groups announcing an upcoming event to their congregations
  • Businesses showcasing special sales or promotional deals
  • Local events and groups giving up-to-date information about a meetup

and the list just goes on.

Instead of relying on ONLY including a mention about a particular announcement in your most recent episode AdBarker lets you include this ad snippet in as many of your previously published episodes as you’d like.

Just a click of a button and all of your podcast episodes can be updated with this new ad spot, and synced right back to your Castos RSS feed, so listeners will get the updated audio file when they download an episode.

AdBarker integrates directly with the Castos platform, giving you one-click update ability for all of your podcast episodes.

Start your free 7-day trial now.