Republish your Podcast to YouTube

Now you can reach your audience wherever they prefer to consume podcast content with YouTube Republishing.

We convert your podcast audio files to a beautiful looking videos and automatically publish them to the YouTube channel and/or playlist of your choice.

So you can share your message in more places and reach a wider audience, with zero extra work each episode.

Get Started with YouTube Republishing Today

YouTube Republishing is available right inside your Castos dashboard. Set it once and forget about it. We take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

what setup is involved?

To connect YouTube Republishing all you need to do is create a one-time connection between your Castos account and the YouTube channel of your choice. After that anytime a podcast episode is published it will be automatically converted to a video file with your thumbnail image as the background, and published to YouTube for you.

When are the videos published to YouTube?

The podcast video files are created and published you YouTube at the time that an episode is published Live.  So if you schedule your episodes into the future not to worry, your YouTube videos will appear a few moments after your podcast episode goes live.

is there a cost for this service?

Yes, in order to enable YouTube Republishing you will need to be enrolled in the Audio Plus plan, which is a $15 monthly upgrade from the standard audio podcasting plans on Castos. You can upgrade your subscription right inside your Castos dashboard in the My Account -> Republishing tab.

how can i change the background image for the videos?

In your Castos dashboard in the "YouTube Republishing" tab you are able to both create the one-time connection to YouTube as well as upload a personalized background image for your videos. The same image is used for each video so there are no extra steps you need to take for each video published.