Paired Partnerships

Reach Your Audience Anywhere

Podcast sponsorship doesn’t have to be hard. For either our corporate partners nor for podcasters. What is necessary, however, is the need for both parties to have the highest possible degree of alignment between the audience and their interests, and the advertisers messaging.

This is where Castos’ Paired Partnerships shines.

We’re building not just your average podcast advertising marketplace where a mishmash of advertisers and podcasters get thrown together, but an individualized approach where every podcaster is able to identified their dream sponsors, and our team goes out and recruits those sponsors to the platform.

This ensures the highest level of alignment between ad messaging and listener interests. And in turn, the ROI on our sponsors’ advertising investment.

If you’re a business interested in being considered for Castos’ Paired Partnerships program please drop your email in below and we’ll be in touch shortly with more information about podcasts that are a good fit for your advertising interests.