Castos joins startup accelerator TinySeed

Last updated on May 27th, 2019

On the day of Castos’ 2nd anniversary of launching our hosting platform we officially became a member of the inaugural cohort of companies in a remote startup accelerator called TinySeed.

Out of more than 900 company applicants Castos was chosen as one of 11 companies that will now embark upon a full year of guided mentorship in a program who’s goal is to help companies grow and serve their customers better.

As a team, we are ecstatic about what this means for the future of the company and how it can help us work towards realizing our vision of helping podcasters share their voice with the world.

The decision to join a startup accelerator like TinySeed is not one that we took lightly but we feel that the increased resources that are now behind the company mean only good things for the business and in turn for you our customers.

The founding team behind TinySeed is made up of two individuals who have been in the startup world for years and have successfully started and built their own software based companies (much like we are doing here at Castos).

In addition to the TinySeed founding members, there is a team of mentors that is second to none. Everything from finance to marketing to customer service to design and operations. As part of the accelerator program, the Castos team will now have access to these industry leaders on a regular basis.

And as customers, you’ll be seeing the enhancements in our platform as a direct result of their guidance.

So what does this mean to you our customers? Only good things.

No this won’t be some crazy Venture Capital funded startup now that will ruin the original product that the company was founded on. Much the opposite.

Our goal with the investment and input of the TinySeed team into Castos is to continue doing much of the same as we’d done in our first 2 years…just doing more, faster, and better now.

If you have any questions about this program and what it means for you please drop a comment in below or shoot us a message at [email protected] – we’re always here for you and would love to chat.

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