Bring your podcasts together

Castos makes it simple to create a podcast network, with a beautiful website showcasing all of your podcasts.

On your marks, get set, grow

One of the best ways for a podcast to grow is to join or form a network. Grouping shows together by area of interest, personality or location makes each individual show stronger. Castos provides a robust set of tools to help create and manage a podcast network.

Everything in one place

Castos provides a feature-rich management experience, with a dashboard that shows your network stats at a glance, and provides tips to help you grow each podcast.

Batteries included

Connect with social network like Twitter and Facebook, integrate comments via Disqus, auto-post to YouTube, and even podcast directly from Dropbox.

A home fit for a network

Your podcast network should have a beautiful and unique website, and because Castos is a hosting company and not a social network, we want to give you the tools to make your network’s website a home.

Flexible and powerful templates

We have a number of beautiful themes to get your podcast website up and running, but it doesn’t stop there. Use our powerful templating engine to change the code behind your site. With a little HTML and CSS knowledge and our helpful guides, your podcast will have a website to be proud of.

More than words

Flesh out your podcast site with static pages, host bios and a blog. Even create polls to learn more from your listeners. Embed content from sites like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. If you’ve bought a domain name for your podcast, hooking up to your Podiant website is a breeze, too.

You bring the talent. We help you shine.

Castos brings together nearly two decades of web knowhow with ten years of podcasting experience, not only to make managing your podcast easy, but to give your audience a simply beautiful place to discover and enjoy your content.

  • ✓ Unlimited storage
  • ✓ Cross-network analytics
  • ✓ All your podcasts under one website
  • ✓ Apple compatible feeds
  • ✓ Unbeatable support

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