Dear Young Rocker: Inside an Overlooked Show Format

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Dear Young Rocker: Inside an Overlooked Show Format

Most marketers who make shows default to one assumption: Podcasting means talking to other people. It makes sense as to why they think that: It enriches the audio experience, develops relationships with the other person, and provides an easy way to amplify the show. (One could argue asking a guest to share the episode is a band-aid for the real injury: we don’t know how to properly create word-of-mouth through our show. But that’s a rant for another day.) For now, we wonder:

Why don’t more marketers make this type of show? It’s a hidden, yet powerful, approach to podcasting.

Today, we break down three clips from the wonderfully produced, beautifully written show, Dear Young Rocker, hosted by Chelsea Ursin, produced in partnership with Double Elvis and iHeart. Producer Tallie Gabriel joins us to share what she found.


All episodes of Dear Young Rocker can be found here: dearyoungrocker.com

Clips played in this episode can be found on the episode of the show called “Bass Player,” found at the link above.

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