Learn How to Build a Profitable Community and Bet on Yourself – with Jay Clouse

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Creative Architects
Creative Architects
Learn How to Build a Profitable Community and Bet on Yourself - with Jay Clouse

In this episode of Creative Architects, host Angela Hollowell chats with Jay Clouse, founder of Creator Science and an experienced entrepreneur, writer, and podcaster.  

Angela and Jay discuss the challenges of building a subscription-based community, scaling that community and capping it at the right size, some of the learnings Jay has gained from his experiences with rebranding, and he offers some advice to listeners about making the hard decisions, hiring, and how to avoid mistakes when building your business.

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The Creative Architects podcast is brought to you by Castos Productions, and hosted by Angela Hollowell – a visual storyteller and creative producer with a passion for the outdoors, human rights, and creative entrepreneurship. Angela is also the host of the Honey & Hustle video podcast. Creative Architects is a space where thought leaders in the creator economy who have taken their success to the next level. Join us to hear their stories and connect.

Discussion Points:

  • Group coaching online, joining the SPI team, going out on his own
  • The spectrum from creator to educator
  • Paid products and The Lab
  • Education + Community
  • Structuring a subscription-based community model
  • Looking back at Creative Companion, Zoom, Slack
  • Building on experience and history in a new iteration 
  • Rebranding and procrastination 
  • Making hard choices when tasks are not getting done
  • Tips and advice for expanding your team- spend time looking for the A player


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