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Nathan Gathright from talks podcasting

On this episode of the Audience podcast, Matt talks with podcast veteran Nathan Gathright about his latest venture: Steno.FM. The podcast 2.0 movement is bringing a lot of great things …

brand redesign

Behind The Scenes Of A Brand Redesign

Today is a big day at Castos. We reveal a new website, new logo, new color scheme, and new brand.

In the spirit of transparency and showing what the creative process looks like for us as a company and as a Brand we talked with several of our team members about what they took away from the brand process.

Thriving On Twitter with Bridget Willard

There aren’t many more well understood growth channels for a brand’s audience than social media. But like a lot of things when it comes to growing your brand, it’s often …

Podcasting with Friends

On this episode of the Audience podcast, Stuart talks about a different type of podcast. While most of the Audience podcast episodes focus on podcasts and podcasters who want to …

10 Ways to save time as a podcaster

Today’s episode is all about saving time as a podcaster, especially a solo podcaster.  Running a podcast resembles running a small business more than you might have guessed…or hoped.  As …

Podcast 2.0 apps + your new call to action

Today’s episode is all about new podcast apps + podcast 2.0.  It’s a big topic, and a bleeding edge one for most of us, suffice to say this one episode …