In the News: White Noise Podcasts, Spotify’s Proclamation and More

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In the News: White Noise Podcasts, Spotify’s Proclamation and More

Stuart and Matt gather to discuss a few stories from the world of audio.

Pod Voices

In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe Vs. Wade podcasters are uniting to support women’s right and pro choice policies. If you’re a podcaster who feels called to speak out, Arielle Nissenblatt has a website for how podcasters can spread awareness and link to resources. 


White Noise in Podcasting

Ashley Carmen from Bloomberg reports that some podcasters are making $18,000 per month by producing white noise. 


From Edison Research

Some insight into advertising and podcasting


Headliner Strikes back at Descript: editeddy.com/signup

Some Comments from Spotify

Johan Seidefors talks about why he sees scripted podcasts as being a big part of podcasting’s future: 

More commentary from Spotify’s Investor Day 2022: https://newsroom.spotify.com/2022-06-08/investor-day-2022/

Indie Rock and Podcasting 

Singer Songwriter eef Barzelay also know as Clem Snide presents “A Life in Song”: https://linktr.ee/alifeinsong

Matt Reviews the Rodecaster Pro II: castos.com/rodecaster-pro-2-review/

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