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Never run out of storage or bandwidth, no matter which plan you choose.

Publish as much content as you want for a fixed monthly price. Record longer episodes, test new styles, or launch a second show without ever hitting a storage cap. Finally let your inner creative genius run wild with Castos.

We also don’t impose bandwidth limits, so listeners can always access your content. We’ll never penalize you for creating a podcast people can’t get enough of.

Offer exclusive content with Private Podcasts

With Castos you can create unlimited Public or Private podcasts, all from the same dashboard.

Private Podcasting is a great way to create meaningful connections with your membership site, online course, or internal corporate team.

Manage all of your podcasts with one WordPress plugin.

Join 20,000+ podcasters who trust our plugin Seriously Simple Podcasting to seamlessly:

  • Upload episodes
  • Create multiple feeds
  • View listener analytics
  • Customize the player

Expand your reach with automated Youtube Republishing and Transcriptions.

Increase your podcast’s visibility, boost your SEO efforts, and give audiences more ways to consume your content with our set-it-and-forget-it YouTube Republishing and Automatic Podcast Transcriptions.

Pull data from multiple listening platforms into one beautiful dashboard.

Track your podcasts’ performance with easy-to-digest insights, such as total listens, top episodes, audience demographics, listening behavior, and more. 

This data empowers you to create more of the content your listeners crave, increase engagement, and show tangible value to your sponsors.

Automate and simplify your podcast publishing workflow.

Transcriptions on autopilot

Transcribe your podcast with a click from your dashboard and pay a low, flat fee per audio minute.

Create multiple shows

Create as many separate podcasts as you’d like with our series feature — all from one account.

Publish where your audience listens

Autopublish your podcast in iTunes, Spotify, Sticher, Google Play and a host of apps.

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