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Happy International Podcast Day!

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September 30 is International Podcast Day.

No, you won’t find a section of cards at your local stationery shop to celebrate it. And all the humble podcasters in the world aren’t waiting by their mailboxes for the gifts to roll in. 

But there ARE some things you can do to support your favorite podcasts (and podcasters)!

Ways to Support Your Favorite Podcast

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Listen and Share 🎧

Listen to our content as often as possible, and share us with your friends and colleagues. Chances are that if you like the content we create, others you know will, too! So “tune in” and then send links and information about us to those you think would appreciate what we’re sharing, too.

Subscribe 📧

Subscribe to the podcasts you enjoy. The simplicity of clicking the subscription button says it all – and we promise, podcasters watch that metric almost too closely. We love seeing that number climb. Having subscribers means to us that we’re creating content that people enjoy enough to make sure they never miss an episode. So “smash that subscribe button” and show with your downloads and loyalty how much you love us.

Rate Us ⭐️

Most (if not all) podcasting distribution platforms (Apple, Podbean, Google, Spotify, etc.) give listeners an opportunity to rate what they’re listening to, with the added option of leaving a testimonial. Do you like us? Tell us with a 5-star rating and some raving words wherever you listen to us. This helps us know how our content hits for you, and also helps us recruit new listeners. So go ahead and tell us what you love about what we’re putting out there (we even want to know how we can improve, too!).

Support Our Sponsors 🎗

For most podcasts, our primary source of income is through sponsorships. Sponsors see podcasting as a way of reaching audiences (but better than radio advertising, as it’s targeted specifically to YOU the listener of our content).

So if you’re in the market for whatever our sponsors are selling, support the sponsors by purchasing through them. And it’s even better if you use the link on our sites, because then they know you came to them through us. That way they’re more likely to sponsor us again!

Become a Tipper/Coffee Buyer/Private Podcast subscriber 💰

Almost every podcast has a way for you to show your appreciation financially – whether it’s ongoing patronage through our site or Patreon, a tip jar, or a Buy Me a Coffee link. Supporting your favorite podcasts with financial praise is always welcome – and we love knowing that you enjoy our content enough to support us in this way. Every amount is welcome and adds up to us being able to continue to provide our podcasts for you and all of our listeners. 

Castos enables podcast creators to publish members-only podcasts to sell subscriptions to exclusive content.

Why We Podcast

We create podcasts for many reasons. We love the equipment. We love the challenge of editing audio and video media. We love tweeting and sharing about what we do. We love the subject matter that is our specialty. But mostly, we love sharing our passions with others who have similar interests, who love to hear what we share, and who engage with us over topics that matter to us both.

We create podcast content for you, our listeners.

And to our fellow podcasters, we wish you a Happy International Podcast Day!

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Michelle Frechette is the Director of Customer Success at GiveWP, where she and the Customer Success team work with fundraisers all over the world to make the world a better place. Part of that is helping customers evaluate their websites and researching what works to convert site visitors to supporters and donors.

In addition to her work at GiveWP, Michelle is the Podcast Barista at, cofounder of, creator of, Board President at, author, business coach, and a frequent speaker at WordPress events.

Michelle lives outside of Rochester, NY where she’s an avid nature photographer. You can find out more at her website

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